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Elon Musk's Starship could change the space business forever | DW News

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SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said his groundbreaking megarocket could be orbital within months. Some say Starship is the beginning of the end for space firms that fail to see its potential.


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  1. This is extremely sad, Michael Jackson was right, they don't really care a about us the planet, when are you going to understand we are spiritual beens, and the power it involves

  2. Congrats to Elon musk. I think his dream willing come true in history lifetime…

  3. Hahhahhaha… 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Give your products cool names and uneducated people will keep investing in a failing company…

    Did anyone make a wish from the shooting stars….. there were about 40 of them. (Sarcasm)


  4. Humans belongs to 🌎 we should invest within our range….
    Tesla is a car No doubt🇺🇲🌴

  5. About – Launch and catch tower – Mechazilla.
    Elon Musk peep at my invention – the USA patent and monkeyed it, ergo plagiarize it.
    From inventor Roman Nawojczyk in Sweden, you can read complete story on my website ronawo….
    For this invention, I applied provisional patent application on August 12, 2019 in the USA.
    It is – Utter system for multiple use of the space-rockets equipped with spreadable-arms presented on 275 drawings. And I presented this invention on Internet on my website in autumn 2019, in those days Starship had to have only legs.

  6. We are confident that Elonmusk could achieve his dreams…and we encourage Elonmusk to start with moonland… just curious how he could make this…in a different style apart from history and moonland will be small milestone apart from his all the other dreams.

  7. Oh the conspiracies will use this for years in their upcoming documentaries

  8. Never just talk only with words but just prove it, after it really works.
    Because if you are too confident after some trials, it doesn't guarantee you that you'll get to achieve its goal, when it is put out to work.
    Learn thru mistakes and not by believing in what it takes.

  9. Listening to mainstream media talk about Starship and SpaceX is telling. If this is how inaccurate and misleading they are about everything, that is a problem.

  10. Hongkong was NOT a UK's colony.
    “In 1898, Britain was granted an additional 99 years of rule over Hong Kong under the Second Convention of Peking” —- HISTORY channel of US

    Hongkong was return on July 1st, 1997 to China, NOT at UK's mercy at all, UK never did but because the lease was finished.

    UK never showed China any mercy at all particularly when China was weak and poor.

  11. Why can't the media just do some research and conclude, "No, this is not going to happen." Free publicity for SpaceX. What they need is a dose of reality.

  12. I'm really looking forward to seeing " NASA's First Landing of humans on the Moon" ….

  13. 01:00 — "…if it were to fly tomorrow it would be the largest thing to ever fly…"
    uh . . . NO. The Hindenberg-class zeppelins were over 800 feet long and 135 feet in diameter. So . . . twice the size of Elon's penis rocket.

  14. The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.”

  15. The launch time was perhaps Rahukaal that's why it lost 40 satellites

  16. u sure that solar storm is not russia ? 😀 i like how u lie guys 😀 almost 100 years in space science and just now 40 sattelites ? 😀 yeah right

  17. Not only business. The US military wants it for worldwide deliveries and as a space corvette.

  18. If one of his spaceships or self driving Tesla crashes on my house I will punch Elon musk in the face over and over and over.

  19. This channel hardly report an accurate info.. NASA first land on moon.. hahahah

  20. Sure thing and that's why we have no hypersonic weapons but Russia and China does. Maybe Tesla can defend our American borders.

  21. Hey Elon, can you fix your Starlink sats problem before that Mars colonization ambition? Your satellites are falling back to Earth like metoer showers.

  22. "Many of it's satellites have been destroyed in orbit", no, many starlink satellites of a single launch was destroyed due to a solar storm.

  23. 40 satellites are 🚮 the earth orbits. He is responsible for polluting the air space. It is also trying to crash into China space station.
    Why isn't US behave itself while accusing others???

  24. @DW you should report on Elon Musk illegally building a rocket factory and a launch tower in Boca chica. Right between three nature conservatories.

  25. "Confident" in Musk talk. Means we get computer generated graphics now and in 5 years a replica of Saturn V rocket

  26. "Colonize Mars?" What am I missing here? Mars is completely uninhabitable…how are you gonna colonize it?

  27. When Elon says that he is 'confident' that he will be able to do something, what he means is that he can't actually do that thing and he's hoping that it's a goal that can be accomplished by spending a lot of money.

  28. i just see the 30 engines being a not good design, should be cut down to 16 and build bigger. right now one of those is too likely to turn into a bomb.

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