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Ethereum Is Banker Coin (Shocking Revelations)

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Ethereum’s dirty history:

Ethereum’s dirty history (Part 2):

In this video, I discuss alleged intimate connections between Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, and JP Morgan.

An audio tape has emerged that allegedly shows Joe Lubin showing potential ETH whales how to bypass concentration controls.

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There is a new shareholder lawsuit that alleges that Infura and MetaMask were transferred from one corporate entity to a new corporate entity without full shareholder approval. This new corporate entity appears to be 10% owned by JP Morgan.

This allegedly gives JP Morgan and Joe Lubin extraordinary control over Ethereum infrastructure and wallet usage, and might help to explain the recent blocking of users in Venezuela and Iran.

It has also emerged that Ethereum insiders and JP Morgan have been working together since before the launch of Ethereum.

If you want an alternative to fiat that is also controlled by the bankers and corrupt insiders, Ethereum might be just the thing for you.

If you don’t want a centralized, proof of stake controlled coin, there’s only one real alternative– which is Bitcoin.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

Joseph Lubin is an honorable man and brilliant entrepreneur. All of my sources are just random gossip on the internet, that may or may not be true. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. This video is just my wild speculations.

Joseph Lubin:

Joe Lubin on how whales can disguise their ETH purchases:

Joe Lubin ETH whale:



Infura outages:


Metamask and Infura blocking certain countries:

ConsenSys lawsuit:—attributed-to-arthur-falls-301493433.html

ConsenSys and JP Morgan deal:

WEF and Ethereum:

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  1. WARNING: There are a number of scammers who are using my image and
    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
    platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to
    "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you
    something. I am trying to ban these scammers as quickly as they pop up. You can
    always recognize a scammer by clicking on the image and seeing how
    many videos he has. All of these guys have zero videos, while I have
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  2. Have you heard the word? The Wonk Coin has just launched Charlie and the Chocolate factory are working with new high tech computers producing a currency that gives millions the chance to become millionaires lets gooo !!!!

  3. phew way to get a new subscriber FAST

    You Bitcoiners will get on well with DERO when we get going.

  4. Not to mention the premine and turning back the clock on their 'immutable' blockchain. Scammers

  5. Matthew, a friend of mine told me about your channel and in particular, this video. I watched it along with the two supporting videos you mentioned. From what I can tell, the litigation that was filed by shareholders was recently? I wonder how long it will take to resolve this and if it's determined that the ETH gang is guilty, if that will completely destroy ETH? I actually invested in ETH around 8 or 9 months ago and want to know if I can hang in there for a reasonable amount of time before moving my investment. All this stuff doesn't come to me easily to understand so I'm once again trying to plow through crpto why, what's and wherefores again like I did before buying the ETH. Any thoughts would be appreciated!! Thanks.

  6. Ive seen videos of these WEF ultra wealthy guys boast about how they have penetrated cabinets and senates around the globe. I don't have much hope for any of us sans a global uprising.

  7. Look at the garbage they're building on it. Didn't need a video to connect the dots, but thanks for making it.

  8. This is great information. Thank you. I was wondering about JP Morgan. Stinks of Corruption and filth.

  9. Could be another case of the more things change the more they stay the same ?

  10. Back in 2014 / 2015 before Ethereum launched I was working for a German bank. Some guys were always talking about Bitcoin. When I looked into it I found 2 research papers. One about Bitcoin, one about Ethereum.

    Ethereum was described as founded by a group of US and German banks who had hired Vitalik to put together a team – which they financed – to create a blockchain that would allow them (the banks) to create derivatives … smart contracts.

    Since I read that in the bank I no longer have access to that research paper and haven't been able to find it on the Internet. But I am pretty sure I remember correctly. There is a reason why the SEC (which protects Wallstreet, not private investors) is not going after Ethereum despite its premine and cashout !

  11. Thanks for the info. I'm usually disappointed when I hear the inner working behind crypto. I own both BTC and ETH mostly as an investment strategy. In some respects JP Morgan involvement is positive and explains why regulators have never gone after ETH. Strictly from a financial perspective Whale and Institutional ownership isn't a bad thing. Big profitable stocks like APPL, AMZ, and TESLA are predominantly by institutions.The move to POS makes more sense in that context. I've read that POS will not increase speed or lower fees, I'm confused why this would be the case. Anyways I do feel bad ETH isn't something you can take pride in. I understand the main purpose of crypto was to escape the banking system only to find out they bought up and are controlling ETH.

  12. That staement at the start about eth moving to POS because it gives the whales more control is such BS. eth have been working on POS since like 2015 and its still years out. 10 years just to imlement a feature to give whales slight more control. sureeee. also about metamask the reason that i shappening is because JP morgan own enough stake in metamask and were able to enfore the blocking of transactions.

  13. Does this surprise me? Not at all! And if you think Bitcoin is not corrupted, then just keep your eyes closed. I see it every day with the big spikes up and down. Just like a rat will always gravitate to the garbage dump, so also will the money whores always gravitate to the next scam.

  14. XRP will be the banking coin.
    ETH and BTC work on proof of works and have no banking partnerships what so ever.
    Ripple on the other hand have every financial institute on the planet partnered with them including the likes of W.E.F. and B.I.S.
    I know what I own.

  15. 70% Was Sold To The Sharks Fist? and Know One Two One And All Bad Paper Notes As Old Notes.

  16. Hi Matt Where Is Mister G H <from Cardona , A Rug Nice Rug Pull, And All The Take The Money And Run Out Fitts?

  17. What you don’t understand is that you’re right there is a tone of concentrated eth wealth. There is insider training amongst these whales. They bully other coins with there sheer amount of buying power so much so they move markets in seconds. All of what you said is true but the price of eth is still going to outperform bitcoin. Look at the past 5 years. They have a history of shorting bitcoin. And bullying other altcoins.
    This is why I hold my eth. If you can’t beat them join them.

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