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With the most recent rejection of #ETH off of the BMSB, it is worthwhile to revisit the downside risk. There was a similar move in 2018 that caught people off guard and is always worth considering. Do you think that #ETH will revisit the lower regression band soon? Or will the lower regression band come to the price of #Ethereum?

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  1. ⚠️Note: beware of fake Ben scambots.
    • Only scammers post phone numbers.
    • Report Telegram and Ph# scammers.

  2. Assuming successful merge, how does that affect chart analysis? How useful is the past performance as PoW for analyzing possible future performance? Obviously it’s all speculation, but with Ben it’s at least educated guessing…

  3. Funny when you start a video with "today we're going to be talking about……Etherium" OK cool!!

  4. Nice one Ben! Would you make a video about how the growing crisis in China would affect the crypto markets? Thanks!

  5. concerning the fed… in fact multiple fed members, Powell included, have repeatedly come out since that infamous "dovish" meeting to state that the markets had completely mis-interpreted what was said and that their stance is to keep raising unequivocally till the end of 2022 and then at best pause. So this pivot idea which seems to mean something different from one person to the other, and from one day to the next, is pure fantasy at this time.

  6. Does it make sense to continue the existing regression band model when the upcoming Ethereum merge lowers inflation significantly, corresponding to 3 halvenings ? and even turns deflationary under sufficiently high network activity.

  7. lost all my eth in the recent bks. so I'm looking to build a new position now.

    But I think you're right. it's not the right market environment to see bull runs for risk on assets. at best we move sideways

  8. We are at a very tricky point in the bear market. I think the "best" approach right now is to set dca levels but to ALWAYS have a cash position on hand – just to be prepared for lower prices. NFA

  9. The rejection from the bull market support band in 2018 should be seen as the same rejection in March 2022. This time is the second attempt to break the resistance, look what happened early 2019 in the chart. Can we see 900 USD for ETH, sure we can but I just simply cannot see ETH go down to 300-400 USD range. The total supply of fiat in the world almost tripled for the last 2-3 years, where all those cash will go? Stock markets down, Crypto down, expecting a real estate bubble to pop. Are we all supposed to sit on cash for 2-3% interest rates? Maybe we can be happy with that but big money won't get out of bed for 3%. All those money has to go somewhere. This is the time start DCAing and in every major dip go harder. I got some BTC at 21k, ADA at 0.44, ALGO at 0.29, MATIC at 0.76. Let's see what will be the prices in 2024-2025.

  10. Thanks for the great content. Which moving averages do you use for the bear market resistance bands?

  11. We're still in a bear market rally I believe eth will pump for the merge then drop but nothing big in crypto will happen until 2024 bitcoin halfing

  12. you are the only channel I still watch in this bear market. your analysis has mathematical and statistical backing, not hopium based. Too professional, what did you study in college.

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