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Ethereum Merge delayed (ETH merge, Ethereum 2022) | Crypto News Today

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Disappointing Ethereum news for Ethereum ETH investors and users: the Ethereum Merge date has been delayed for another three months. This means that Ethereum proof of stake won’t go live until the fall and Ethereum ETH staking withdrawals won’t start happening until early to mid 2023. Get all the details about the ETH merge delay in this Ethereum news today video!

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Ethereum news now: Ethereum Merge Delayed (ETH merge Ethereum 2022) | Crypto News Today with Kris Merkel Ethereum today


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  1. SCAMS ALWAYS GET DELAYED LMAO. I can't believe Exodus is fallin for this bullshit. This makes me believe Exodus was in that Big Blocker Camp that lost the war to the Small Blockers. LOL #JustGoMuun

  2. here's the issue. people were burned badly in 2017 and no longer want to invest in these things. the more people highlight and talk about something being "big" the less people trust it. the only people investing in crypto right now are whales and whales dont seek to lose money, they seek to pump and dump. pump and dumps tend to destroy coin values. want good advice? any time you seen elon musks face next to a coin, run. hes the most well known and hated pump and dumping whale.

  3. If eth was a real estate developer, no one would be buying property with them

  4. Good day to you. I am Lexie, project manager of TRXBRO. I saw your content from Youtube and find it interesting. We would like to collaborate with you in promoting our platform in your social media. Are you interested?

  5. Last fall Buterin said it would take six more years to get this shit coin to work. Never mind that Lubin and the nose picking unicorn are going to jail. ETH is EXPENSIVE, slow and archaic tech. imo

  6. Strange how Eth does not get much shade for these delays compared to Cardano.

  7. Ethereum has always sucked. Hard pill to swallow. This shit had been going on for 3 years, not 3 Months. Shadow staking, please. All nonsense. Keep drinking the Kool aid e
    Ethereum fans.

  8. Maybe some people are waking up now and change to another much better blockchain. I'm using NEO and I don't miss ETH for a second. ETH is slow, expensive and still pow…

    My electricity is not cheap yet i make profit?
    you seem pretty biased POW is way more decentralised than POS.

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