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Ethereum Tokens Come to Osmosis! (600% APR!) Plus Exciting Updates for Osmosis

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The Cosmos ecosystem has been hit especially hard by the collapse of Terra and UST. Despite this, the Osmosis team has been busy building. Osmosis now supports pools that pair OSMO with Ethereum or Ethereum-based stablecoins. Additionally, Osmosis has several other exciting updates coming soon.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Dynamo DeFi
1:10 What is Osmosis?
2:10 Ethereum Tokens Come to Osmosis
3:54 Osmosis Updates

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  1. can you transfer usdc or dai from bep20 to osmosis? (eg using binanceUS) If setting up a LP pool, it seems counterproductive to take the stablecoin out of the pool JUST to stake back into the LP.

  2. This is a very great and fantastic project with wonderful team geared towards excellence

  3. Great video, Thanks for sharing with us.
    are you getting rewarded during 14 days unbonding period? also is it auto compounding same as sifchain or not?

  4. Great to see you at it in this beyond tricky market. And above all finding needle of value in a haystack of volatility.

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