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FAST BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO PROJECT with 10000 TPS | TELOS | TLOS | let's talk about the ecosystem

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Diving into the the Telos ecosystem

This video is not financial advise and is for entertainment purpose only.

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intro: (00:00)
TPS: (00:52)
dapps: (01:44)
Hackathon: (02:54)
Tokenomics: (03:59)
User and Tx Growth: (06:20)
Dapp Usage: (09:00)
TVL: (10:43)
Price: (12:04)
conclusion: (13:48)

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful insights about Telos. Telos is also an ESG compliant blockchain and DeFi innovator.

  2. Iโ€™m really interesting on $TLOS, I think is a great proyect, 100+Dapps, the transactions are super fast and almost feeless, it has the best ESG blokchain, thank your for reviewing.

  3. It's always interesting to see YASO.
    I found this project to be very interesting. So to follow

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