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FLUX Co-Founder Daniel Keller | Life After Ethereum #live #stream

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Tonight “ChumpChangeXD Mining & Crypto” along side “Max Voltage Mining & Crypto” will be interviewing the FLUX Co-Founder “Daniel Keller”. This is a LIVE stream where YOU can also ask us your questions in the chat for the FLUX team to answer for you. Do you think FLUX will be the next thing to take over for Crypto Mining after Ethereum goes to POS?

Please be respectful and kind to one another in the chat.

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  1. drop flux price under 20 cent i will sell house and invest in it. just drop it down i need it cheper then this

  2. Chump and Max, you guys are the best! Keep those coming. One of the best AMAs out there guys! Greetings!

  3. Flux needs to get on all the major exchanges! It needs liquidity or it's just a shit Coin. Why won't the devs get it on the big exchanges so people can invest in it?

  4. I just can't figure out why Flux has a hard time breaking into and staying in the top 200 market cap. More than half the projects in the top 200 don't have nearly the same potential as Flux.

  5. Great talk! Always good to hear updates about flux. Also excited to see what partnership Flux and Ergo will create.

  6. I'm looking forward to Flux implementing hardware wallet like Ledger in combination with Zel Core.

  7. Too bad flux isn't really that profitable. Lots of plans though so that's nice to see. Ravencoin is more profitable! And i never see any development on the network. But it's on all the exchanges. So it has more Capitol being injected. Hopefully flux can get on all the major exchanges too!

  8. Flux is engaged in great part because of Dan, which is a big plus compared to other devs. Always something to learn in these conversations.

  9. Nice guys thank you I am from South Africa, and I am planning to run a node from this side of the world as well

  10. ok i have another question for DAn lol when will they have the uPOW and what GPU's will it Favor in the NiVidia cards! will the 3000 and 4000 series Work just as good as the 2000 series and and will the new algo be like ergo and low heat and elec use!

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