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Flux State Of the Union

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We will be holding our first Flux “State of the Union We will be covering for the first time projections of the Flux network rev gen, post Eth plan, Treasury, PoUW and much more. Be there!


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  1. What are the last 2 parallel assets? They mentioned two at once… almost like kusama and polkadot.

  2. I would like if some percentage of the revenue will be allotted to buying back flux that way there will be buying pressure and that will benefit everybody that is holding the coins not just the operators, developer, content creators, miners and such.

  3. $10 i think is feasible in 3 years that gets the market cap to 4.4Billion. To reach $50 – there should be mass adoption to reach a market cap of almost $25Billion at the current date that is 1/8 of the market cap of Etherium.

  4. Flux will save the world!

    But really it is only blockchain that will be used for the betterment of man kind

  5. A really fantastic presentation on the use of flux. Worth watching. Clearly shows it’s use case as alternative to AWS, in addition to the biggest feature ‘Proof of useful work’ mining. Flux is going to be huge, easily above $10 IMHO 🚀🚀🚀

  6. Flux & team is just unbelievably amazing. So glad to have found this & running nodes. Thank you for the opportunity 👍🏽😊

  7. Almost a year ago I fired up a gpu on flux. As just a hobby miner, (gaming rig) it was nice to switch from nicehash. 😉 Flux has been a strong community and a purpose that to me has great values. Now I have 3 gpus on Flux, and eventually a bare metal node.

  8. nodes, What if the number increases to the point that it does not become valuable for the financial return? Indeed, the return has become very low, and the value of the device may be recovered in a very long period.

  9. Why are you not just working on top of bitcoin? Why create your own chain? Bitcoin is the only thing that matters. The only property rights for billions.

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