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FOREVER LONG!? (Youth Group – Forever Young – Crypto Bitcoin Parody Version) – Lil Bubble

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Special shoutout to my friend Gami for skating in this one! Gami is from Nouns DAO (check out his custom board featuring Noun 189) and is the creator of Nouns extension Gnars DAO – a cool extreme sports NFT project. Check it out here:

Lil Bubble makes cringey crypto & NFT music.. Mostly songs about losing money.

None of this is financial or investment advice. All content is created for entertainment purposes only. Cryptocurrency is highly speculative and you can lose your money.

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All music recreated. No pieces of the original master recordings used.



Maybe that was the bottom
Man I pray to God
Sleep can wait we’re up and watching the charts
Hoping for the pump, but expecting a dump
Are they gonna pull the rug on us?

Just let it run and let us long forever
We don’t have the powder, but we sliding the lever
50x or more, shit, we will never short it
That’s only for the sad bears

Can you imagine when your folio
Is at an all time high, just like a year ago?
One day we’ll make it back there
But for now we’re sat here
Bleeding but we’re holding on

Forever long
I wanna be forever long
Do you really want to bid forever?
Forever, and ever
Forever long
I want to be forever long
Do you really want to bid forever?

#Bitcoin #crypto #cryptomusic
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  1. never disappoint Bubble. youre a legend. youVe HIt legendary status. No1 artist! love ya bruv

  2. I don't want my shitcoins to perish like a fading horse…. 😅 this version is really good. great work, Bubs!
    ♬ hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ♬

  3. Hello blogger, I am Selena, I am very interested in your channel, I would like to consult your business cooperation, I hope you can replyyt。。

  4. Heavy regulator moves, macro bearish, Evergrande liquidation getting closer.. but I feel it haha, wanna go forever long as well

  5. Your songs are amazing, this one is my favourite, keep the content coming especially whilst I'm riding the long.

  6. I bang this sheet at work. Even my non coiner friends know about you. Keep up the great work!

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