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FortKnoxster DieFI Explainer Video. Crypto testament with built-in Dead Man's Switch. Peace of Mind.

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FortKnoxster DieFi Crypto Suite is the World’s first automated crypto beneficiary & recovery platform. Crypto estate planning with built-in Dead Man’s Switch.Using FortKnoxster, your digital assets and NFTs survive – should you go MIA (missing in action). We give you the superpowers to be in control – even after you are gone. Choose your beneficiaries while you can – and enable these to access your crypto assets if you are not able to. A crypto testament safeguarding your digital legacy.

Millions of dollars are lost daily as people die or forget to handle their crypto assets information properly. Writing down a few notes and keeping them in your house is not safe. Even passing on information to friends, family or your lawyer is risky – we eliminate the human error factor.

DieFi Crypto Suite is a secure crypto administration platform with a lot of unique features. Add your custodial and non-custodial wallet details such as recovery/seed phrases, login info, trading passwords, exchange info, etc. Keep all your confidential crypto wallet information in one military-encrypted platform, easy to use and comprehend for both you and your future beneficiaries.

Many crypto holders have wallets nobody else knows about. We make sure your crypto survive. If you don’t log on to FortKnoxster within 12 months, your beneficiaries will automatically be contacted, as you are then classified as MIA. Don’t worry, you will get a lot of reminders before the final contact is initiated. The 12 months timer period can be edited by you if you prefer less or more time. Every time you log in, the timer is reset to 0.

Register your beneficiary or beneficiaries’ personal ID information and we make sure they are contacted, checked, and verified the day you are not around anymore. Your beneficiaries will undergo strict ID verification and several security checks, before being granted access to your account. Change or edit beneficiary information anytime if needed.

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Digital assets estate planning. Peace of Mind.


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