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Gains Network | $GNS Staking Projected Yields, Value Accrual Model

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Gains Network is a decentralized trading platform that allows synthetic leverage of up to 1000x for crypto, forex and stock pairings. This video explains an in-depth overview of how the Gains Network work, tokenomics of $GNS, how $GNS stakers accrue value, comparison against GMX and some future projection on the yields you can receive by staking $GNS.

⏱ Timestamps
0:00 TLDR overview of Gains Network
03:53 $DAI Staking & DAI Vault mechanism
06:11 How does the DAI Vault stays over-collateralized?
08:30 $GNS staking, GNS/DAI LP, Referrals & NFT Bots
09:12 Projection model of staking rewards for $GNS stakers
13:02 Stats/Tokenomics comparison of Gains Network ($GNS) and $GMX/$GLP
15:47 How to buy & stake $GNS/$DAI on Gains Network

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  1. Fantastic video, thank you for taking the time to put together a project model and tokenomics breakdown! On another level compared to other content creators

  2. In all honesty, your channel might be the greatest hidden gem I have found since I got into crypto in terms of value created relative to subs

  3. "I built a simple model" = outperformance of the financial literacy 90% of self-proclaimed DeFi educatooors will accrue over their lifetime

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