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Goerli merge date confirmed, Zapper v2 live and more – The Daily Gwei Refuel #412 – Ethereum Updates

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The Daily Gwei Refuel gives you a recap every week day on everything that happened in the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the previous 24 hours – hosted by Anthony Sassano.


Timestamps and links 👇

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00:00 Introductory song
00:10 Vitalik’s EthCC talk
04:12 The Ethereum roadmap
05:24 Polynya’s blog post on ‘4844 and done’
10:20 Bad tweet from Blockworks
14:25 Goerli testnet merge date confirmed
16:35 Coinbase drama
20:26 Zapper v2 now live
21:33 EVM support coming to Swag
23:02 Superfluid Dashboard v2 announced
23:51 Aave v2 now live on Goerli testnet and Optimism Goerli testnet
28:17 Hashflow raises $25mil


DISCLAIMER: All information presented across all of The Daily Gwei’s communication channels is strictly for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.


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  1. Love the daily videos Anthony, I look forward to them. The people that post those stupid replies are the people that don’t want to learn. They fud it because they feel like they missed the boat and will never post normally. Their meaningless. Anyways thanks for what you do man!

  2. been listening to daily gwei for 2-3 years. getting very hard to watch and listen. half of it about how you're an educator and being pissed at the people who are uneducated and thus give you a purpose. you maybe should be more pisse there's too few educators and too many shills..
    the other half is interjections and verbal tics, repetitive and really hard to listen to – like just kinda i mean and stuff and the sort etc. and just blurbing it out fast so you can repeat yourself 7 times. maybe focus a bit on getting better oratory skills if you want people to listen and assimilate without it being a struggle. and drop the superior agressive vibe maybe

  3. I need some help folks: what happens to priority fee after merge? Do you recieve it on top of your apy if you validate a block?

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