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Gray Boy Dao (By the Founders Of NFT Worlds) ADDS Bored Ape Yacht Club +NFT WORLDS! To The DAO (WOW)

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Gray Boys is A DAO created by the Founders of NFT WORLDS!

Gray Boys are a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that act as membership to The Mothership DAO. Floor prices of great NFT projects are rising and pricing people out of access to amazing utility, content, games, and experiences. The Gray Boys were created as the first project of its kind to proxy ownership of NFTs that a DAO acquires. Proxied ownership gives all Gray Boy holders access to the exclusive owner perks of any NFT held within the DAO vault.

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Official DAO Link:
Gray Boys Community Wallet:
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DAO Holding Wallet (Prior to DAO going live):
Verified Smart Contract:
Twitter: (Our previous account was report spammed, we just set this up while waiting to get the original account back so follower count is low on this alt account)


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  1. Hello. Purchased a grayboys NFT, my very 1st NFT. I can see it in my mobile MM wallet. How can I add it to the desktop MM? What is the associated "token decimal"? Don't want to miss out on any airdrops.

  2. Great content as always ! 
    Correct me if I’m wrong but when you own 200 Gray boys its very interesting to be part of the DAO, whereas when you own only 1, not that much ? The BAYC NFT bought at 60 ETH would mean that this person owning 1 gray boys owns around 20 dollars of the 60 ETH BAYC NFT

  3. Grayboys will soon be out of reach for a lot of people. Read the white paper and minted 14

  4. love this has inspired my 15 year old son…Now my son is learning about NFTs Coding Design and sooo much more Thank you

  5. This is by far the best and most informative channel for learning about NFTS. Blockchain Brown is also providing some very valuable business lessons in addition to his explanation of these amazing NFT projects. Thank you

  6. Nice, I look forward to hearing more about Gray Boys,…. Your one of the only ones that talk about this and NFT Worlds..!!!! Your the reason I said why not and picked up a few gray boys and NFT worlds, and I'm so glad I did. Thank you…

  7. I’ve bought 2 NFT’s and now I feel stuck, plan is to listen to you more and learn as much as I can,

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