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Hedera Co-Signed By The World Economic Forum – Jack Dorsey Speaks With Michael Saylor About Bitcoin

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  1. You are too nice in saying Michael Saylor isn't wrong and then easily pointing out what proves he is wrong.

  2. All of you people in the comments are clueless. You have no idea that the world economic forum is trying to steal your life and everything you own forcing you into a poverty stricken class of servitude of people like Klaus Schwab

  3. Boycott this at all costs! If you buy it you’re creating the New World order, you were giving them the power to cause you to own nothing and be happy!

  4. I mean what else do we need, Hedera is making all the right moves. 100x minimum in near future.

  5. Stop being modest. We both know it’ll be in the Top 2. There really is only one other network currently in existence that can withstand the Hash-graph Tsunami, and that’s BTC – and the reason is simple – there is ONE THING that BTC may actually do better than HBAR, and that is by being sound store of wealth – it may be more decentralized than HBAR in this regard.

    The rest. An afterthought. I personally don’t see business using Algorand and Sol any once they figure out that there is another network that offers more speed, more reliably and more securely.

    People keep saying there are going to be half a dozen or so layer 1’s…. But why? There is no reason to have SOL, AVAX, ALGO, etc when HBAR does everything they do and some and CHEAPER.

  6. Bitcoin or Doge right? If you believe Jack then you might as well believe Elon Musk on Doge… ISO 20022 assets are a leap forward in terms of functionality and direction. ISO standards for interoperability, messaging standards etc. A more clearer picture is starting to emerge beyond the tax evading government hating Bitcoin world. Besides, do the unbanked really want to pay more for transactions than visa or mastercard? Makes no sense…

  7. I think he is wrong saying something that is slower is better than the internet would still be on dial up

  8. I wonder if we were separated at birth? You’re a very reasonable person and I tend to agree with most everything you say!

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