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Helium Mining SUCKS Now…

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Did a Helium external antenna help you gain higher HNT rewards?
HIP 55: Validator Challenges
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00:00 I’ve been getting less Helium rewards on my HNT Hotspot WHY?
01:08 Replaced my RakV2 micro sd card and it worked a little
02:12 How many Helium HNT Miners on the network right now?
02:51 Parley Labs is getting sued for not delivering and not issuing refunds
03:37 Taking apart my Original Helium Hotspot to replace the microsd card
04:41 3.5 Million Helium hotspots are on back order…
05:19 Do you support Helium network besides the profitability?
06:04 How much money am I generating on my Helium hotspot now?
06:13 Location really matters where you have your Helium Hotspot
06:31 If you have a lot of other Helium Miners in your Hexagon, you get less rewards
06:58 Will Helium Mining be even less profitable in the future?
07:36 Mining profitability matters to a lot of people… let’s not kid ourselves here
08:03 Prices of crypto relative to the network difficulty matters a lot
08:15 Helium was setup for failure in terms of everyone trying to get a Helium Hotspot and its backlash
09:00 Is it worth it to get into Helium Mining in 2022 and beyond?
09:22 You still have not received your Helium hotspot yet?
09:47 Reasons for distributers not delivering
10:00 The demand for Helium HNT Hotspots was INSANE and still is
10:21 Profitability for Helium keeps on going down and down
10:38 Issue with offline helium miners on the helium network
10:55 There is a negative stigma against Helium miners and trying to attain them
11:25 MNTD Gold RakV2 hotspots seem to be cool and trying to stop scalpers and bots
11:56 People who pre-ordered the helium hotspots and didn’t get them is not their fault
12:29 Millions of people are wanting to participate in Helium HNT Mining
12:52 I am very burnt out of Helium and its ecosystem regarding Helium miners

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*DISCLAIMER* When it comes to GPU Mining, remember Silicon Lottery! Results MAY vary from GPU to GPU so your Clocks/Undervolt/Voltage shown in my videos may not work for you because of GPU Brand/Memory/Manufacturing what have you. Temperatures and your Cooling methods will also play the part and have an affect. Test at your OWN RISK and do your OWN RESEARCH.

Disclaimer – I am not an expert. This is not financial advice and do your own research. Everything said is from my point of view and for entertainment purposes.

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  1. my nebra order already 1 year 4 months still not arrive…..bad management in production line …delayed constantly…but how comes nebra can send rack model in other hand my order stag so bad…why not their finished old order first…any one out their have same case with me???

  2. I got a refund through PayPal for my Nebra. Nebra refused to give me refund but PayPal were very helpful. Glad to be able to get my money back. The whole network is a joke. I am pleased to have nothing more to do with it….

  3. I'm really glad 🔝👆 your recovery services & skills are one of it' kind ,when it comes to your recovery you are the best.

  4. 🔥Kill it! Pull the plug on Helium now! Cost money to run Helium! No Free Rent!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. So many problems with helium mining constant problems, rewards always getting lower or no rewards. Gonna stay away from helium mining

  6. My area is so saturated that a lot of days my rewards are 0 lol… But it is what it is…. I'm lucky to get just 0.001 a day haha… But it was a fun experiment to see how it all works….

  7. Waited just under a year for my rakv2 from calchip. I’m guessing right now I will barely make my money back.

  8. With the current network issues that Helium has, i would not dare to invest anything into new helium devices. They are not even able to keep the helium lora network running properly and profitable .

  9. I have it and it is the worst investment I have made I have not earned more than 300 dollars I don't know how the others earn 1500.00 or 1000 and I have the mntd gold with a 10dbi antenna

  10. You can make $3 to $5 a day with exterior antenna with decent elevation in most metro areas if that aint enough dont get into it

  11. We have quite a professional operation in Belgium. Outdoor hotspots on high locations with a variation of antennas depending on the location. We are lucky to have 0,5-0,8 on the best spots (Bruges f.e.) the network is slowly being broken by cheaters and spoofers who run away with all the rewards. Doesn't look good buddy. Wouldn't invest anymore if I were you.

  12. I have 10 Helium hotspots clustered in 4 locations. 1,2,3,and 4 hotspots in each of the locations. This means less cost for me, paying less people for space rent, and MORE PROFIT FOR ME. I don't care about the long term viability of Helium.

  13. the whole idea is bollox! a better way is to do it yourself iv already wrote the code and it works but its not wortyh it every1 already has internent already!

  14. A lot of captain hindsights in here lol. I got mine in November and roi in January. Bu now I've almost 3x so if they die tomorrow I could care less. Nothing sucks more than trouble shooting a helium hotspot. They have the connectivity of a 2004 device. The discord is absolute garbage. When they work they kick ass when they don't its a nightmare. The network has been fuct since Feb. I dont even troubleshoot anymore every time it breaks its on their end and when they get around to fixing it is when it will work not because you did anything. On a good day they make 4x what my 3090 makes in a day in a bad day its a paperweight

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