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Helium has been on the move and here I will be doing some analysis and price prediction. #Helium #HNT is a very popular crypto altcoin that is very volatile and a fast mover so setting up and preparing for its moves can help make trading or HODLing have a better outcome. Trading cryptos do have risk so I breakdown the risk involved for trading it and HODL. I also cover some of the main websites and some basics about Helium. My technical analysis for Helium is for beginners and is very basic. I explain in a very logical planned way to the analysis so my plan can be understood.

Sharing Helium #cryptocurriency news can figure out when big events are happening which get in line for huge buying or even selling opportunities. I love using the news to help with my trading and investing. The news can also get you more information about what is happening with other similar cryptocurrencies.

I am just sharing multiple cryptocurrencies that I find, I am not telling you to buy them or trade them, just what I would do if I got involved in it. Some of these might be scams so please do your own research it will help you much more in this cryptocurrency world.

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here are the websites I used

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Helium Market Information
0:24 Helium Website & News
1:02 Helium Price Prediction
2:49 Website & Closing

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