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HEXO stock with shorts trapped / Cheapest short squeeze on the board / trending potential penny play

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None of this is financial advice, just live commentary on current market conditions in both stocks and crypto currency. I will be using webull for charting, However my straight stock purchases will be done on a lit exchange and a majority of my other plays will be through one of my other brokers because I feel as if I get better fills and I’d like to avoid PFOF as much as possible. I am starting this channel because no creator is currently doing an all day stream anymore so I am looking to fill that void. I will be using the 13/48/200 EMA indicator strategy a majority of the time. I do respect your freedom of speech however, do not disrespect each other or any other creator. Remember, It is okay to agree to disagree. Below I dropped some Crypto links for you, web3 should be a game changer. (where I compound crypto interest) (favorite overall exchange) (where I buy my XRP) (free $10 in bitcoin)


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