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Big things are happening in the Metaverse with development, NFT integration… Web3 as a whole. Join us on the livestream as we talk metaverse news, look at some top performing crypto projects and track digital land prices!

Today we’re going to chat about a news article that came out saying that it’s not too late to save the metaverse… as long as we can keep Crypto out of it. Does the author even know what she’s talking about? We’re also going to chat about the UAE launching the first Metaverse Hospital, and ADA’s land sale!

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**Top 3 Metaverse Coins**
**1** WILD
**2** PMON
**3** DG

**Land Watch** (Floor Prices)
Sandbox –
Decentraland –
Otherside Deeds –
Victoria VR –
Pavia –
Cornucopias –

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**Metaverse Headlines**
**1** It’s Not Too Late to Save the Metaverse

**2** UAE to Launch First Metaverse Hospital, Catering to Medical Tourism

**3** Cardano Land Sale on Virtua LIVE today

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  1. Just never enough time in a day. I wake up watching Hit Network channels and fall asleep the same. Love what y'all do.

  2. For some reason having trouble verifing on the discord not sure how to make the bot give me a code.

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