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How to bridge xJEWEL and JEWEL from Serendale to Crystalvale (DeFi Kingdoms) to earn passive income

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  1. How can i send Jewel or USDC the easiest way to be usable in DeFi Kingdoms? ALl exchanges that have jewel do have either the wrong withrawal network or a way too high jewel price. Can i somehow send USDC for example from FTX to a metamask wallet and bridge it to the game?

  2. how much time does it take normally to send tokens from serendale to crystalvale…its been 10 mins and i have not received it on crystalvale yet.

  3. so since you get less xjewel from the jeweller is it better to just bridge all your jewel to crystalvale and than use the trader to make sure its a 50/50 split? if i use the jeweler in serendale and than bridge both is that better?

  4. After I clicked Bridge Token, I don't see my Jewwl or XJewel in the upper right corner, therefore I can't do Approve Bridge. What should I do? Did I miss any steps?

  5. There's not a lot of DeFI Kingdom videos out there, and this is definitely one of the most up to date and comprehensive. Everybody looking to make some money before the rush is on should be watching this!

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