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How to claim your cyber gift | Bostrom network airdrop for Cosmos, Osmosis, Terra, Ethereum users

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BOOT airdrop for Ethereum, Cosmos, Osmosis and Terra users that will maximize the initial usage of Cyber. Gift 70% of the Bostrom genesis tokens BOOT to agents of Ethereum and Cosmos who are capable of contributing their best to the quality of the knowledge graph.
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In this video I’ll explain,
How to check Cyber airdrop boot eligibility check
How to create moon passport
How to claim your cyber gift atom users and ethereum users
Here is the step by step guide, how to claim cyber gift.
Check your Ethereum, Cosmos, Osmosis and Terra addresses for the eligibility.
Snapshot was on November 5th, 2021.
To claim cosmos, osmosis and terra gifts, import your existing wallets to Keplr.
To claim Ethereum cyber gift, import your address to Metamask.
To claim airdrop, Go to
Connect your Keplr wallet.
Then navigate to the portal.
First step is to create your moon passport.
Enter your username and confirm.
Then upload your profile avatar.
Connect your Bostrom address.
We have already done the wallet connect step.
Sign moon code.
Register your passport.
Next step is to prove your addresses by signing a message and claim your airdrop.
Click the check gift button.
Prove your address by signing a message.
Terra station users can import their wallet to Keplr.
To add Ethereum address, click Metamask icon.
sign message.
If you’re eligible, You can see the gift box under your address.
After adding your addresses.
Click the claim button.
Click on “go to release” button to see airdrop claim status.
Airdrop will distribute after 100000 addresses.
Share this video with your friends to achieve 100000 addresses fast.
Check your profile by clicking the citizenship button.
You can add up to eight addresses.
To remove unwanted addresses, click the close button.
To see your cyber gift balance, visit the gift page.
Thanks for watching.
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