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How To Flash loans Attack On Pancakeswap | Earn Upto 10 Free BNB Easy Full Tutorial (No download)

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This video shows you a simple front run deployment in Solidity which automatically locates liquidity added to a BSC token, immediately buys and sells at profit.

Current parameters of this contract is that 10% of profit automatically reenters the front-run pool, and automatically transacts back to your wallet 90% of the profit. The remaining pool keeps front running for profit, until you transaction “Action” function in Remix

NOTE: This contract is designed for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Chain. Don’t use bitcoin or other currencies.

Check website step by step guided pinned in comment section

👉Remix Contract IDE:

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This is the only remix website with Inject web 3 function. Avoid remix it has removed Inject web 3

👉 Paste SmartContract in Remix,Flash Loan Contract Code:
UPDATE: USE 0.6.6 SOLIDITY VERSION FOR FIRST STEP WHILE COMPILING. Video version is old and used by too many people. This is updated version. Rest of the steps are same. (Works with Both BNB and ETH plus faster gains)


👉Flash Loans explanation:

👉Need help please add telegram: (paid)

👉 MetaMask Download:

👉How to add the BSC network to Metamask:

common problem:
1: How to return the BNB deposited in the contract?
Solution: transfer 0.0001 + the BNB transferred for the first time to the clip robot contract, and then take action, for example: you transferred 1 BNB for the first time, if you want to return it, you need to transfer 1.0001 to the contract, and then action, activate the withdrawal instruction, the contract will be executed automatically, and all BNB in ​​the contract will be returned to the contract creation address

2: How to continue depositing BNB?
Depositing any BNB greater than 1 will do. Contracts smaller than 1BNB will not be detected

3: What if there is no revenue generated after the contract runs?
If the deposit of BNB is too small, the robot transaction cannot cover the gas fee, and the robot will not conduct transactions, so there is no income generated. It is recommended to deposit BNB 1 – 100

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  1. Trying this out now, letting it run for 3 hours, hope I get good results, wish me luck ✌🏽

  2. New subscriber here. Gregory from Dapp university informed me of your channel. Great content! Appreciate you helping others to get into blockchain dev.

  3. Very new to crypto. Stumbled upon this video, thought I'd give it a shot. Already up 3.46 BNB off my 1.15 BNB deposit, absolutely ridiculous. Massive shout out to John. Long live uniswap liquidity bot!!!

  4. This is such an awesome channel. Great videos and clear explanations. One question: got great results using 1 bnb so, can i go all in with 4 bnb?

  5. Can I just leave the contract on? Meaning will it continue to collect fees if I leave it for a few weeks? If so, will it continue to collect more as the pot gets larger or would I have to put more into the contract initially?

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