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How to Solo Mine KASPA

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00:00 Introduction
01:19 Sponsor
01:47 Creating VPS
06:02 Create SSH Key
08:51 Vultr Firewall
11:38 Connecting To The Server
13:15 Installing Node Start
13:26 Installing Go
16:10 Installing Kaspad Node
17:01 Running The Node
19:40 Checking Node Sync Progress
21:00 Creating Wallet
22:11 Kaspa Daemon
22:49 Generating Wallet Address and Phrases
24:49 Configure Ubuntu Firewall
26:15 Configure Miner in HiveOS
29:45 Installing Stratum Start
30:52 Installing Rust
32:03 Installiong kaspad stratum
34:33 Configure Firewall For Stratum
34:57 Configure LOL Miner


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  1. thank you for your great effort i have a question when i do go install . ./cmd/… its not installing just stuck in kaspad any suggestion ?

  2. Very well done tutorial, thank you for this, and the text tutorial for side-by-side and copy/paste.

  3. Thanks bro!! This is my first time doing something like this this is very exciting I hope I’m able to pull it off!!💯👍

  4. i must be quite lucky on my rig, very stable dual mining 6600xt 32MH_ETH/168MH_KASPA @70W (reported) with lolminer, mining to own node locally on the same rig is working flawlessly thus far for me.

  5. Iceland Calling, I wanted to setup a Kaspa Node to support the community and to solo mine. I am setting up on my own hardware and running Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS and ran into the error
    "cgo: C compiler "gcc" not found: exec: "gcc": executable file not found in $PATH"

    sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-headers

    sudo apt-get install build-essential

    Resolved the issue

  6. just fired up a node to check it out. How long does it take for the blockchain to sync? I've been watching my putty session for the last two hours LOL

  7. Why not just running KDX on a normal Windows machine and solo mining to it? Is it not possible?

  8. It is possible to run on the local machine in both windows and linux, I run my node on Windows, the commands are the same, but using windows CMD

  9. Thanks! Just spun up a node using your guide on bare metal. Just mines my first block solo! So exciting!

  10. Dear Blindrun (M), top vid sir. I have gone down the hiveos route at the mo. However i shall be giving the vultr route a shot soon. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this video and i am sure post merge the number of views will explode just like the number of miners who will try to fine the next best profitable coin. I look forward to your ergo vid and i am in no doubt that the quality of info and level will be on par with this vid. Thank you again and i hope you are keeping cool.

  11. what is the advantage of mining using a node vs a pool? I just want to understand it to get my node. Thank you! 🙂

  12. 👆👆👆Honestly I can’t imagine why anyone would dislike this, this very clear and very helpful kudos to the mining platform, you got a new client and recommend from me💯

  13. Thanks a ton for this tutorial! Not really sure about how you came up with all the port numbers, and also do you have to pay a fee to a service if you have all the hardware to build your own node?

  14. Thanks for this… looking forward to watching it. Really appreciate the summaries you do throughout the weeks/days. Have good weekend

  15. dual mining on lolminer fine at least from what I see. Lost like 20mh on eth and 2.2gh on kaspa. It does take a second for it kinda get started but hasn’t crashed once.

  16. SoaT, you were the first youtuber who helped me start mining and configure stuff and get in the crypto space 2 years ago, I will be forever grateful for that!

  17. @son of a tech once again your selflessness continues to impress me sir. I hope everyone appreciates what you do for your viewers and the community as a whole. This type of content is needed to promote true decentralization and you do it with the right intentions. I know it's going to be tuff watching your potential gain dwindle with all the miners who jump on to Kaspa but it is the right move for the space and the channel in the long run.

  18. lots of times we asked you to go more in depth into stuff and you did even when the users who asked weren't members here or on locals and that's very nice of you .. ignore people who just wanna be salty for no reason .. great job my dude .. this is my first time in my life setting up a virtual server and actually using it .. very very helpful info thank you sir.

  19. 57 ths on the network this morning. God I wish I had mined the coin exclusively after you hinted at it months ago. I got a small bag… wish it was a massive bag. lol

  20. Iceland calling, 🇮🇸 Nonstop content and quality information. SoAT is a daily habit. Thanks for everything

  21. Great video. Wouldn't it have been easier to just mine directly to the daemon / KDX?
    If cards are on local network run a VM with the KDX running and off you go. Of course its nicer to have a pool but will be an additional cost.

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