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Club MetaSkeletons NFT:

Intro 0:00
BEANS NFT’s 1:29
Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans 3:03
Kitty Crypto Gang 6:11
Compton Cats 13:20
Club MetaSkeletons NFT 19:05


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  1. i did not manage to get in the white list of Dumb Ways to Die, but i will buy for sure one on Opensea.

  2. These aren’t going far obviously but it is a good flip? Would you agree.

    I’m going for kitty crpyto i’m hoping my money doesn’t disappear

  3. Wow, need this! Been looking at NFT's and bought a couple flops myself haha. Now doing my research with all this advice before and trying to get WL, but it seems impossible ha.

  4. Love your videos a lot. keep up the good work mate. Also would love WL spot for Club MetaSkeletons.

  5. Hey,Hey… Love your work…Sign me up for the whitelist spots please and thank you!!!!

  6. Hey i really like your Videos and it Would be nice if i coud buy my first nft of a wl (skeleton)
    If not
    Is what it is but nothing the same……. stay to the main

  7. Yooo! Love the vid, I'm looking to buy my first nft so I could really use that WL. Can't wait!

  8. Man, YT deleted my comment. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like this: OMG I love this video. Your personal distaste for KCG's roadmap is hilarious and on point. "I really couldn't give a two shits about all night long parties…" Hahaha I saved this video for later too so I can come back to it when I need a good laugh 🙂 Thanks for that!

    Minute 10:57 is pure comedic gold you guys!

  9. Can u review Big Cats NFT. They just announced it today and they claim that they have marvel animators on the project!!! Big claim!!

  10. Sweet Alpha pickups mate – keep up the good work.

    Always getting it while it’s hot!

  11. can't doubt any of the advice given by you. mfer is honest af. love that. glad i see your videos everyday.

  12. Yooo Pasta, respect what you have been doing dude. Well done WL me please. Aussie NFT crew is strong. 0x99F9Fb8d2Eb738A17E3448D085172b5Ecad9ac85

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