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I Decided to Read Dubai Porta Potty Confessions (r/Relationships)

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So I decided to read reddit confessions…Dubai Porta Potty Reddit Confessions to be exact.


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  1. I would send her out too take her money when she get back and pimp her she's stupid enough to do it

  2. This overvaluation of money is really weird to me. It's sad that people are willing to sell their souls with empty fluff materialistic luxury that means nothing.😔

  3. Wow…these women are a bunch of hoes and those dudes are a bunch of simps….and bitch! You don't accidentally start dating someone. You led him on and you're dating him because you wanted some attention and he was simping for you. You're using him until someone you want comes along. Quit bein a coward and just admit you a hoe. Don't worry it's the "cool" thing to do now anyways so you can hoe around and still beg for sympathy

  4. can you please do a video on the darkside of down low men going to dubai to have sex with other men please expose them and expose youtube influencers that are asked to do whatever for fame and fortune and who r wlling to do it for whatever!

  5. HIS girl …is fucking the Prince of Dubai 😯
    & who knows whoever else. And he still call her HIS girl😂

  6. This girl get her back blown out and playing this guy like a violin 🎻 that guy sounds like a Simp smh 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣

  7. Hello I just came across your channel and I subbed ❣️ love your facial expressions and your sense of humour 😻 God bless 🙏🏻

  8. My guy are mad funny, I love how you say what’s real about these Reddit post my. Keep doing your thing bro🤣😂🤣😂

  9. 1st 1…..Dude why are you putting up with this????? I really hope he left her; she is a wordly commode! 😅😩😖

  10. Lmao why would a freaking prince "court" a random woman and give her money just to "talk" to her?

  11. The first one is easy. Get him to buy your gf off you. I happily sell her off for 200k. The wife thing is she wants the money but she put herself in a corner by wanting to split the accounts in the beginning. So she has to act mad for a while so it don't seem like she jst finessed u outa 160k

  12. Have the divorce papers ready when she gets back. Now you get half of her money. Lesson learned, move on

  13. If he asked his girlfriend to stop going there and she still refuses to stop going, she's not for him at all. She sold out for money and that shows what her morals are as a person. If she rather jeopardize her 3 year relationship because a "Crowned Prince" bought her out, then she's for the birds. Maybe she'll realize she missed out on a good dude in 15 years when she's broke, overweight and has 3 kids. smh

  14. I just joined your channel and I must say nice content you've got…and yeah I love your accent🥰🥰 I guess you're a Nigerian but not based in Nigeria

  15. Give this guy some likes, so he can turn the heat on in his home, plus he has a great channel.

  16. When someone is so influenced & impressed by material things instead of valuing a loving relationship & you, best to show them the door.

  17. That first Reddit post the OP is larping, I'm certain. Some cuckold fantasy bs.

  18. I just laughed so hard at "Yo why did they put 5 fat ass in front on me" 🤣🤣🤣😂

  19. Billionaire's have to pay for companiship tells you all you need to know. Money can't buy you love only sex!!!!,😂😭🤣

  20. I don't know how I came upon you, but after the second video, i subsribed. I want your message to be heard to the world. BIG LOVE!

  21. Nobody’s “girlfriend” goes to DUBAI to do “modeling” work! 🤔😬🙄🤭🤫

  22. Amazing videos man, it's so interesting to see you unveil the dark side of the superficial people. Like what there's so many people out of their minds.

  23. not gonne lie if my gf gets 900k to spend time with a dubai prince
    ima be suporting this stuff😂
    ima send this guy 5 more of my girlfriends and be turning this stuff in a buisness😂

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