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IMMEDIATE 10x POTENTIAL?? (URGENT!) 🚀 Cardano DEX Launch 🚀Astro Swap, Swapz, Velas, Cardano

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The question remains… Can Astro Swap outperform the other Cardano DEX’s such as Sundae Swap, to claim the throne for the go-to Cardano DEX?

In this video, I discuss some current issues with the Cardano ecosystem, and how Astro Swap is looking to take an innovative spin to become the fastest, most efficient way for Cardano users to swap their tokens.

What do you think? Can Astro Swap outperform current DEX’s like Sundae Swap?

**Astro Swap officially launches on January 28th!**

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  1. Is the available supply currently low which is why you think the price go up? Coz the total supply is 10 billion

  2. I think any DEX on Cardano right now will have the dane issue. It's a Cardano problem and hydra will solve it

  3. i'm afraid that after launch the price will explode and then the biggest wallet starts selling and price drop to low numbers

  4. What do you think about staking it on the Velas chain for 350,000% apy? That sounds ridiculous. Definitely more upside on that. What do you think is better, to sell as soon it launches or stake on Velas? I think the market is too much in the dump for an immediate 10x.

  5. How to sell Astro . I was just trying but it is not working on pancakeswap with binance wallet?
    It says that the transaction can't succeed due to error. Can't estimate gas:transactions may fail or may require manual gas limit

  6. Hi there, just wondering if the Velaschain staking is open? I have bridged my Astro to velas chain? Do we need to stake on the website for the cross-chain APY or just keep it converted on the Velas chain? Sorry couldn't find the answer anywhere

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