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Inflation vs Bitcoin Price: Is Bitcoin an inflation hedge? (BTC news) | Crypto News Today

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Global inflation rates are rising, and are some of the highest in decades. So why does the Bitcoin price keep grinding lower? Typically, inflation sees investors flock to safe haven assets like gold and BTC. So why is the price of Bitcoin, one of the world’s best inflation hedges, crashing while the prices of goods are going through the roof? We’ll explain it all in this week’s edition of Crypto News Today.

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Inflation vs Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin Inflation Hedge (BTC news) | Crypto News Today


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  1. I sent link from my Exodus wallet on May 10, 2022 and it never arrived. I checked the blockchain and it says it was a success as I have done many times before. I have contacted support three times and I have not received a response. I own several businesses myself and I would not handle myself in such a manner. Please advise me on what we can do to correct this problem.

  2. Thank you. At least you addressed the question outright. Most channels just keep saying “BTC is a hedge against inflation.” But it obviously is not. If it drops in the face of high inflation, it’s not an inflation hedge.

  3. Maybe because bitcoin has always been speculative and was never really a hedge against inflation.

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