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Interchain Security: Cosmos Hub | How it Works, Continuous Airdrops, ATOM Utility Explained!

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00:00 Cosmos Interchain Security Explained
02:07 How Interchain Staking Works
03:26 ‘Continuous Airdrops’
04:56 Staking APR Example
07:00 ATOM Utility
08:36 Cosmos Hub Competing

Interchain Security Twitter Thread (Informal Systems)

Robb Stacks

Cosmos Links

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  2. I will be the first Cosmos Billionaire 👏🔥📈! Remember my name because I'm going to be on the Forbes 100 💯.

  3. Bro how much min atom and scrt i can stake to het airdrop which validator is good plz suggest

  4. Can I buy Atom,Juno, SCRT using the phone and stake using the phone ? Good video

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