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The goal at DHN is to provide fair and balanced crypto/blockchain analysis. We focus on a wide variety of topics in order to give a global perspective of global crypto adoption.

{Stamps for time}

Briefing – 0:00
The Bottom is in for Bitcoin, Technical Analysis – 1:51
Lessons From Wonderland – 3:59
Lebron & CRO iPromise Program – 6:14
UNICEF Child Safeguards for Crypto – 7:49
New EU Crypto Regulation is HUGE! – 10:16
India’s New Bill Big For HBAR – 12:46
Digital Yen Drama – 14:49
Jamaican CBDC Right Around the Corner – 15:48
Binance Debit Cards in Ukraine? – 16:35
Tezos, ONEoF, Warner Music Group – 19:34
Litecoin Goes Mimble Wimble – 20:51
Why Did The SEC Approve BSTX? – 23:02

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  1. Yeh it's crazy, I got thus dude into crypto and 2 weeks later he started talking about wonderland, and it's high apy once I heard those numbers I told him to stay away from it, he made 8k with 1k in a week and I Said leave it alone from there

  2. ICP will render most of these coins obsolete. What ten coins can do now, it will wrap all their utility into one. Easily $1k+ in a year or two tops.

  3. Lebron joining crypto is one of the worst things to happen to the ecosystem welcome to permissioned blockchain social credit system

  4. ive become jaded about crypto youtubers because many of them work together and scam people in things like nft drops but i will say no matter which side youre on the way you bring news is the right way. few places run down the macro path like you with crypto intuition and reading between the lines of national news.

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