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Is Gmx The Best Dex? Understanding GMX & GLP And Their Revolution In Tokenomics!

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Welcome! Today we will talk about GMX, a new DEX in #DeFi that is built on Avalanche and Arbitrum offering great options and opportunities for everyone to earn and trade. You can manage trades and do it all privately from your own wallet.

We also talked about GLP – their liquidity token!
GLP is the way you can offer liquidity to the GMX traders, by holding GLP you:

– earn platform fees
– act as a counter party to leverage traders (fees paid in AVAX & ETH)
– take on exposure to the assets in that pool. A basket of prime assets!

If you want to try out GMX you can use the referral code : xulian
Simply input the code here on the traders side!

Go trade here!

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You can find the statistics here:


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DISCLAIMER: This video is not financial advice. Listeners should do their own research.


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  1. Good explanation. No USDT, interesting. I wonder if MEW wallet works? Looks like just those 3 listed though, oh well, count me out. Also, what about liquidity?

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