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It wasn't easy to build this rig…

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  1. People like you ruin the real economy. Bitcoin ether and other crypto coins are stupid because the whole point of a currency is that its something economically stable and safe with banks with money they can or sell to stabilise a coin that way it has a certain relatively stable coin used to trade goods with. Crypto-currency is very unstable because the price is decentralized therfor on one day 15+% change is possible, nobody can predict this market, if one day people want their money back, and panic sell it'll go low while a day later it can go to 200k+. Stable coins also don't work, look at luna for example. I do agree that usually decentralized can be good but army, bank, law all stuff that are core and vital need stability. The main thing that decentralisation gives is freedom》adjustability but decentralisation also leads to weak power. Tl;Dr crypto is a weak coin even bitcoin shows it (from 0 to 60k to 21k) normal currency has inflation and if a country is in crisis crash but is otherwise stable. Therefore mining is wastful imo and it has negatively impacted a market to a degree people couldn't afford building PCs. I'm just happy(and/or impatient) crypto crashed because finally buying a gpu is not out of the question, meaning maybe my opinion is influenced idk.

  2. Maybe if you put just some regular 120mm fans on both sides to create an updraft.
    That way assists the rising of the heat

  3. I would be interested in maybe a video of optimizing bios for mining, especially with 10+ cards /h110

  4. an x8 adapter card usb 3.2 type-c x2 is also enough for you if you can set the connections from mail femail to mail mail you no longer need a t4 t3 adapter I can't help you with

  5. Nice try but why? What is the advantage to install so many devices on? Wouldn't it be cheaper with lower number of gpus on one normal motherboard?

  6. there are encodings for transmissions with 4000 characters for qr cods for hashrade perfect for ramdisc on linux something like this works hex files are the encrypted ones you have to ask an expert i won't help you with that you show how much memory you can shovel with if you find an expert then haleluja I won't help you there I just found out myself I have nothing to do with hasrade and linux you can create with pyton and whatever if that works for gpu dan jakpot in hashrade look for someone who can do that maybe you're lucky

  7. I'm grateful trading with Frederick Kurt he has actually made me reach with his trading strategy. I keep making $38,800 every 4 days with and investment of $9000. He's highly recommended mostly for the beginners

  8. it won't last long everything on gpus over 84 degrees is going to break down quickly it will cost you more to replace it .in the end if you're unlucky than you deserve. over the months. if you don't cool that anymore I don't want to know what your board is doing in terms of temperature. via the usbs x12 what do you have for ram on it 4400mhz at 2800mhz on gpu oc.or 4600mhz? ram no, that can't be. 2800mhz you don't get with 2200mhzx2 or was that the fan speed on the display. that you turned up in the gpus it can be that you can switch on a fan control? you can hide the gpus inside with power .revolutions . to turn the standard fan to full power and turn it up more. at least that's possible with titan gpus old at nivida. look whether inside the gpu what to plug in for fan is intended for a power control if it exists. and that with the board with more than 8 usb 3.0 that can not go well for long. t4 cards x16 do at 8x x8 55,000mb/s + adapter cards x8 usb 3.2 type-c .10g lan the same over x16 i think it is more durable to convert your ssds to rade 0 and convert the memory of the gpu to ramdisc as a replacement. and to drive twice as much at 8x or at 12x 15-16 percent more. as per board per gpu as 12x to use at 45,000HR/s I would see how expensive thunderbold 4 costs and ssds for it m.2 2800mhz would have to do 24,000mb/s with 4,400mhz ram or HS/s with nvme m2x4x4 19800mhz with that clock ssd the speed cpu to 4.7ghz no idea if that works with your board so many usb next to each other everything over 64 degrees can quickly destroy the board or damage the outputs better buy 2x x16 adapter cards x8 usb 3.2 and let the cards run over there more HR/ r just under 16 mb/s HS more per card with t4 tuner card adapter x16 x8 to ssd nvme x4x4 m.2 you only need 8x 3500mb/s ssds. buy m.2 for 15-16mb/s more x12 x2 you have asrock definitely can't bottle usb 4 drivers with new boards like me. you need 12x to 24 kerner for 240,000mb/s at 10nm = 12 at 14nm 24kerner none ahung what you have there is 280.000mb/s
    55,000HS/s 8x normal at t4 at 3500mb/s x8 1tb or x4 2tb rade0 m.2 x4x4ssd 120,000mb/s + with your clock how to add it as additional memory there are instructions on youtube linux no idea that will definitely last longer 16 cores can be operated for the performance at 3.8ghz on cpu just for thinking and researching i bet that will help you 120.000HS/r x2+ once invest 2x still costs long term solution i am sure.maybe that will help you maybe not with 24x gpu i am not sure no hashrader on bitcoinds i only see crass constructs and what goes wrong i'm only interested in what you do bye or macke RAM discs roms form ssd kopie it to GPU whats ever Linux cann do in jour rade limits

  9. It was a bad move going for A2000's in hindsight, it might be even worse than people that paid extra for non-LHR cards soon before the unlock.
    Luckily your farm is big enough that it shouldn't be a problem. But for smaller guys this will be a problem, I can't imagine these cards lasting too long at 100% fan at those tempratures (and above the designed power limit), they are pretty terribly designed tbh.

    I sold all my almost 2 year old non-LHR rigs a few months ago and replaced them with LHR cards (at half the cost), but thanks to the ETH price crash I guess no-one was really that 'lucky' in the end.

  10. Hey RMP i hope all the best my friend. I shut down 1/2 my miners today 🙁 a very sad day. The past 2 days have been killer here in vancouver and its un bearable. But i still have my Langley rigs still on, but not for long. Time to down size and make a rock solid plan. * take care my mining friends. Im coming back to YT coming in august. * check me out if your interested in the dark and grainy side of crypto. I make btc/alt coin TA , and trade video's. No mining. stay frosty

  11. I would just do the copper mod on them to reduce the heat but that's just me.
    No power mod.
    Not safe for the risers.

  12. I think 2 fans per floor on the sides blowing in would help significantly. Or 4 per floor. I doubt it would need much.

    Nice job by the way. Awesome job dude…

  13. Please put a large fan on the top blowing straight down and let us know how it goes. Like before and after temps

  14. If you took a cheap box fan, and you put it on the top of that blowing straight down, it would probably be more efficient then multiple small fans that we usually use, it would actually cause all that to flush out the air the proper direction. That might be something worth trying just to see how much of an effect it has

  15. You are still investing in A2000 knowing that we have only a few months to the merge

  16. I have trouble just getting and keeping 6 cards running on z390 boards. I can't even comprehend 24 on one MB.

  17. Nice job. So this rig is acting like one big rig with 24 card. Or do you have 2×12 rig on one frame. And you have to manage 2 rigs on one frame.

  18. So i run 12 of those B250 boards and I have had one bad board that was replaced. I've been running these boards for about 11 months with no issues other than the board showing up DOA. I'm sure it wasn't your fault. Those boards are awesome for the price.

  19. The fact that you cable managed this so well knowing at least half are going to be going into a case after is amazing. Cudos!

  20. You can always try and use normal fans as exhaust for the GPUs to pull the hot air away from the rig and cards. Maybe do temp testing between intake and exhaust and see if one is better or not. Maybe get another 12 non modded a2000s to go with this and put your modded ones back in the octominer?

  21. Put fans as exhaust on both sides, in front of the GPUs. Air should passively move towards the intake in the middle. Or put a row ow fans facing upwards right under the middle of the lower lines of GPUs.

  22. @RPM use a regular pipe system to build between the gpus using lots of T-junction–parts. So u can cool the fans.

  23. Cool build. You need to do something like you did with your octominer rack with the gpu boxes but on a smaller scale, maybe use cardboard and fans?

  24. Do the Fan Power mod and supply power from the riser card, I get 44MH on all my fan modded A2000's. As far as rig cooling use the fans to suck the heat away and feed air in from the sides and center if you can rig something up. I love how compact the whole rig is though.

  25. It's a truly amazing rig! …but you already know what I think you should do with those modded ones 😆

  26. so crazy rig can you tell us how much you pay for all this rig and how much is it now to build it
    Nice job !!

  27. Wow.

    Just Wow…

    Also re: cooling. Try a push/pull with 2 house box fans placed on either open end of the frame?
    Quick and dirty test if you already have two.

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