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Jordan Belfort talks about bitcoin and the Crypto Crash | The Crypto Mile

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This segment originally aired on July 5, 2022.
The full interview from episode one of ‘The Crypto Mile’ where our host Brian McGleenon meets Jordan Belfort, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ to discuss his current stance on cryptocurrencies, hedging against inflation with bitcoin and his top tips for investing.
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  3. Thanks<, for the update I always appreciate the insight. <I'm really blown away by the fact that having watched your videos for so long, I had the same opinion that you are putting forth in this video. <In as much I would like to add to what you have said here the market is in a tug of war with the bull at one side and the bears at the other end. If this is really a bear market rally then Bitcoin is not done going down, just like stocks are not done going down. And if this isn’t a bear market rally and the Fed achieves a soft landing, Bitcoin will probably rally substantially from where it is now, but we just have to wait and see. My hope is that by the fourth quarter, the economy will be slowing enough that the Fed says we are going to pause, and then you will see the next crypto cycle start. I have witnessed the last 3 cycles and just before each bull run the amount of bear posts and negativity around crypto is just like it is now. Bitcoin is entering the area of where a bottom will be formed IMO. Please note this could take months and there will likely be further volatility in both directions. Despite the volatility that has ruled the market this year, being a retail trader in the crypto market and implementing strategies/signals from Thomas Fuller a professional broker/tradr that has been my mentor, I have accumulated 12' btc! in profits although the rates are capricious wiping out some of my profits, people who are open to learning from history, will survive It’s not that difficult. You can reach out to Mr Thomas on <ͲeIєɠɾαm his personal handle is @thomasfullerofficial or What'sapp✙447862067653..

  4. Talking head tries to pass shouting into a microphone as credibility. Yes, crypto is full of fraud, and government regulation will improve this? Ja Ja Ja

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  6. If everyone owned bitcoin, everyone would be wealthy and no one would have to work. I feel especially bad for farmer doing so much hard work and barely eeking out a living.

  7. So many factors come to play to sustain trade momentum, of course Sir Richard Friedman brings to all, a unique positive incentive policies, market expansion and strong global demand. We believe this factors combined with other market/ technical forces have triggered a significant reduction in the market’s implied risk premium for all assets.

  8. Bitcoin and ethereum not gonna make u millions though or hundreds of thousands lol. The media wants u focused on those 2. It’s cheaper coins that’ll give you the money to buy you a bitcoin

  9. Luna classic been in high green, enthusiastic of dumping btc for luna classic and staking, recession proof. DYOR.

  10. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

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  15. Know what's hilarious? Almost every video is the same and yet the people act like wow good content and stuff but what about the fact that Amazons AMZ55X goes nuts? Huh? The people care about that not the every-day pump dump bla

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  17. I think the difference in this instance is that analysts are stating that we are heading for a DEPRESSION! so this changes everything in the grand scheme of things when talking about possible new ATHs. Great points in your video. I agree and suspect it may be too convenient to think BTC is perfectly correlated to S&P/Nasdaq and Altcoins to BTC. Refreshing to hear reasonable market analysis that takes a bigger picture perspective. So many people are squabbling over timing the exact bottom. That short-term thinking is such a rookie mistake. By dollar cost averaging and holding for several years, it takes the guesswork out. Next bull runs, it won't be a huge deal if you buy at 35k or 50k. What will matter is that you are accumulating while the price is relatively low. I'm really holding on for this possible low point reentry, I screwed up some time back & I need this lower point to get back in, I’ve small cash on the sideline I don't like that but I refuse to FOMO in. Our younger investors are scared, they're concerned about what they should do because a lot of them have not been through this before. My advice to them is this, go all out into trading. Trading is where the bucks are been made. I see the stock market, housing values going down, and crypto going up. Traditional markets are getting recked. The new economy is crypto, not fiat. People want truth, not corruption, contracts not monetary easing. Venturing into crypto trading investment has been a turning point for me with the help and tutoring from my investment Advisor Mr Eric. With his guides and the trade signal, I use in trading, I have moved from having 1.8 BTC to atop 6.4 BTC in a short period of time. Invest today and trade your crypto assets with the best tutor trader. ͲeIєɠɾαm 👉 @Eric_Signal for more info or mentorship on how to invest trade and earn with his top-notch trade.

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