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KOHO: My 5 Favourite Features About The KOHO Pre-Paid Debit Card (Get $20 FREE)

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KOHO: I love using my Koho Pre-paid debit card. Let me count the ways.

I just love using my Koho Card. It’s fun, it works and there are a whole bunch of features that I use that didn’t make the Top 5. Let’s get into the KOHO prepaid VISA card review for 2022.

This is a short video showcasing some of the top features of the KOHO card.

I’m actually on the KOHO Premium plan, but all of these features, except #5 are available on the free plan. I started out just with the Koho Pre-paid Visa card free plan – and started loving it so much I upgraded.

KOHO app: KOHO has a great app that work well with biometric login or PIN code.

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KOHO actually has really quick support – better than MOGO, NEO and all of the others. They have responded to me quickly in-app and also on Twitter.

That’s not super-important, but it is nice that you can get your questions answered quickly.

Get $20 when you create your KOHO account using this link. (There is no fee to create your KOHO account and no monthly fee.)

KOHO Review 2022 Timestamps:

0:00 Koho Card Review
0:10 Instant e-transfers
0:24 Custom KOHO Card Colors
0:43 KOHO Cashback on EVERY Purchase (2%)
1:11 Automatic Roundups (Forced Savings)
1:46 No Foreign Transaction Fee (KOHO Premium)
2:01 Bonus $20 FREE From KOHO Using this link:

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KOHO Is awesome! Best card for Canadians travelling in the US or Europe. I have not had a problem using this at ANY location in Portugal. I love it!

Plus I get a notification of how much I spent in CAD instantly. I’m loving my KOHO Card.

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  1. I love my koho too and chose the same color as well. Is premium worth it? Did you do the monthly plan or yearly? A bunch of other features I’d add to your list is no doubt the bonus perks that can earn you extra cash back on top of your normal cash back. The credit building feature. $7 a month for 6 months. Just park $42 in your spendable and don’t touch it to boost that credit score. My last one Id like to add is allowing notifications so when you buy or spend from koho it send you a messege saying you spent this much and you have this much left. Great stuff. Also the cashback is available in 2-3 days not after a year not a month not a week.

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