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Kujira to Cosmos Brings Cross-Chain DeFi, New Incentives & Stable Coin

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✅ Kujira to Cosmos Brings Cross-Chain DeFi, New Incentives & Stable Coin ✅
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✅Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:30 Kujira
1:00 Beating the Bear
1:40 Why is it exciting?
2:00 IBC Explained
2:58 IBC-EVM Interoperability Is Happening
3:40 Luna Terra Migration To Cosmos
5:30 Defi Basics
6:09 Impermanent Loss
6:36 LP Reward Cycle
7:50 Unfinished Problems
8:20 Kujira Rewards Sourced From Fees
9:45 USK Stablecoin
10:15 Diverse Staking Reward Basket
10:55 Improved UX
11:30 Orca
12:00 Polkadot, Kusama and Multi-Chain Feature
12:30 DefI Silo Problem
12:52 Interoperability
14:00 Fin Exchange
14:30 Finder
14:36 Blue
15:45 Kujira Bridge
17:00 Order Book on Fin
17:20 Documentation
17:38 Innovative Tokenomics
18:21 Value Added
18:48 Disclaimer
18:90 Financial Innovation
20:40 Playlists
21:50 Outro

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Bitcoin: bc1q6vfvu5am2cgpmpk5u34n2l9852pasp4kxj70ze
EVM Love
Ethereum: 0x9899C6754EDA238f61A5Ed68F192D646eFFC0D92
AVAX C-chain: 0x9899C6754EDA238f61A5Ed68F192D646eFFC0D92
Fantom: 0x9899C6754EDA238f61A5Ed68F192D646eFFC0D92
Harmony One: 0x9899C6754EDA238f61A5Ed68F192D646eFFC0D92
Theta or TFuel: 0x9899C6754EDA238f61A5Ed68F192D646eFFC0D92
IBC Love
Cosmos: cosmos14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zlelxpjqy
Secret: secret1txmt6p5gxwx9gwxxf76qa9n5smlkte6y4jnae9
Osmosis: osmo14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zlehajzkk
Juno: juno14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zlef5zf8cAkash:
DVPN: sent14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zleyahtyt
XPRT: persistence1tk9g6pjpdl0366dq3k4j6cj20v5mmrsedh69p4
Evmos: evmos14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zlea8su6v
Stars: stars14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zlet6k0t4
Chihuahua: chihuahua14yd33x3dzvkcz8j4fyldmm7x2qx72zleunvupx

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