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Life Catch Up & Heart to Heart: Self-Sabotage, Family Stuff, "That Girl Trend, & Trying New Things

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About me:
I’m a 25 year old from Canada, living in Montreal. I am always 100% honest and transparent, and love to talk about taboo subjects like anxiety, imposter syndrome, and my true thoughts on things like comparing yourself to others, money, etc. I hope you will join me on my journey through my videos!


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  1. Thank you for watching and supporting as always 💖 I feel like I'm always having these "down" moments but being able to share with you all (my friends and community) means we all come out stronger. Let me know in the comments how you are doing and feeling right now! xo Zoe

  2. I was confused about the part where you mentioned you lost your job, but also that you have a contract. Maybe you mentioned it in a previous video. So you lost your job but are working at something where you have a contract?
    I really enjoyed listening to you!

  3. Your sharing in regards to the diet program you were in really hits home. I used to feel exactly the same with a personal trainer whom I thought was going to somehow provide me with that perfect bod or diet just because it was being given by them. But really, being on a diet program and a workout plan with a coach really requires you to feel FREE and CONNECTED with the way they work and most of all how they show support to you. It really goes beyond words how much I appreciate your transparency on these topics cause they bring me back to feeling like a normal person with normal issues of maybe not fully connecting with someones work and simply choosing a slower and more balanced way to live fitness which is SO HARD during these days specially because of the fitness ig niche…Again thank you so much for your videos!

  4. I love love this video. So relatable and I 💯 percent love your honesty is so refreshing. Haha yes dog shit and crying are def part of my week as well as ruminating and obsessing. 🙌😂

  5. I literally just made a video about the toxicity of self optimization and THAT GIRL trends! The female hormonal cycle is NOT made to do the same things day in and day out and be peak greatness everyday. we need grace with ourselves. Love your transparency. xo

  6. I loved this sit down chat. Thank you for being vulnerable!

    I tried skiing for the first time this winter and I had that same kid-like feeling of hating it and hating being bad 😅 proud of you for sticking with it!!! Best feeling ever to conquer a new situation! 💚💚

  7. I don't want this to be taken the wrong way. I have caught up in some of your career videos and my brain just keeps on going "what the heck?" You were a managment consultant, but there was too much work and it was a big challenge. You go into IT consulting and you said it wasn't challenging enough. Plus, ended up passing good opportunities because it didn't fit with what specifically you're looking for…and it kind of sounds like you're lost in what you're looking for because I really don't think there's a job that fulfills all your specific needs at once. I believe in work/life balance and that people should look for a job they don't hate. I just have observed you're a very particular person, and I really think no job could be up to your expectations the way you want it to. That just seems to be your personality, and that's going to make you continue the cycle of quitting good jobs or losing jobs because what you're looking for doesn't really exist. Additionally, to even have the privileges that you've experienced causing you to have the mindset to look for a job that can just make you happy in every facet has made you very fortunate in life. I don't know maybe I'm not your target audience. I'm from the younger generation and I just have a hard time relating to you personally. This is just my perspective I wanted to share. Coming from a different audience base you're not that used to. I hope I didn't come off as negative because I really just wanted to share a different perspective.

  8. i have been feeling the self-sabotage so hard this past week 😔 i started a new job and i was/am so anxious about not performing well that i freeze and don’t do what is asked of me. it’s so frustrating because im aware i’m doing it but am too scared to stop myself as well. maybe it’s the fear of success ugh

  9. This is my favourite video of yours!
    I'm a silent subscriber, also living in Montreal (not born here as well) and dealing with all the things you mentioned. Specially the one related to fear with skiing, in my case is fear with driving haha, after one year I just started to enjoy doing it, it feels good! And I also tend to quit whenever I feel like I am not good at it. Patience is key, as cliche as it sounds. My therapist told me to do more of the thing that I am not good at, somehow it annoys me and pleases me at the same time 🥲😂. I really could feel as if you were one of my friends chatting about deep stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. Lots of love xx

  10. I recently went skiing with people from work and I had never been skiing before. Probably 75% of us had never skied or hadn’t skied in over 25 years so it was so fun to learn together! I was extremely nervous and scared for it before we started and while I did fall a few times, I enjoyed it so much! I would totally go skiing again and it was so fun to have that experience with my coworkers!

  11. Your realness and authenticity is so appreciated – its really so hard to come across these days. I love putting you on whenever I am doing mundane tasks and feel like I am catching up with a friend. Keep doing you !!! 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your journey. I started crying during your intro as I relate so much right now. I'm in such a bad place. I always look forward to your videos and your realness about how you are.

  13. I deleted my Instagram over a year ago and it changed my life. I now focus on myself what I’m doing in the present and focusing on not always wanting more or wondering why my day is not like someone else’s highlight reel x just do you, take it slow and allow your burn out to heal x

  14. Iam so glad I didn’t grow up with social media, 80’s girl and I had parents that demonstrated love to us everyday and how they will always be there for us, till this day I do not have any social media accounts, tried it and right away saw how fake and addicting it could be, I only watch YouTube here and there but could not manage to watch it everyday all day and not give that attention to my husband and son who are REAL and deserve my time….just to all the young people, you don’t NEED social media and don’t need to be stuck to your phones all day everyday to me that’s not living ,live for REAL and talk to Real people in your everyday life.

  15. I totally feel what you're saying about the "that girl" trend. To combat that, I made a list of all the things I do every day that make me feel me and on top of my day. They hardly match up at all which means my priorities are just really different then what the trend says will make me feel good

  16. Hi Zoe!!
    Because you asked how we're feeling 😬 I'm feeling terrible this week 🙁 slept bad for four nights, has a huge fight with my boyfriend and two calls that went terribly wrong with clients (I'm a freelancer too, like you). So yeah, I have been crying a lot this week but hopefully, all will be fine. Your video is helping me to have a call evening and to get my mind off of my week. So thanks a ton for that! ❤️

  17. I would love if you did more of these kind of videos!! i definitely relate to a lot of it and need to work on similar things too 🥺 I havent followed you very long but im definitely happy that I do!

  18. 29:24 I’m not a native English speaker so it took me a few seconds to catch on what was wrong with what you were saying 😂

  19. Body image issues are so real. I have been struggling with this for several months. In November I broke my leg and needed surgery. I’ve never had something happen to me that damaged my body image so much. I couldn’t walk for 12 weeks which was really upsetting to me because I prided myself on being a runner. I obviously lost a lot of the muscle in my leg and I have a big scar across my knee. It became such a hyper fixation for me. I always liked to think that I focused on what my body could do instead of how it looked, but this experience made me realize that mindset can become toxic too. I literally felt less worthy because I couldn’t do things that I used to. Now that I’m finally getting back into running, I’m trying to focus on the fact that I am worthy of kindness and love regardless of if I can do anything or not. The version of me spending the day in bed is still just as worthy as the version who gets up to run a 5k.

  20. Veux tu qu'on en parle ?!😅
    U forget to talk about the luxary items unboxing!! It becomes crazy !! I totally agree with everything u said !

  21. YouTube had lots of great meditations, that's the only thing I use. I also wouldn't pay for an app

  22. Girl! I feel you so hard! I'm in the same place emotionally about to start a brand new fancy job and I'm super nervous and insecure but I'm trying to stay positive! Hang in there and take care of yourself! It's all a part of the journey <3

  23. We all struggle with this because we are imperfect human beings. I think you have to consistently practice the skills your therapy taught you, including gratitude, until it becomes habit and you do it automatically. Practice the coping skills especially when something triggers you or stress you. When it becomes ingrained in you, you change as a person completely and life will be a lot more peaceful. We cannot change the events and people and past in our lives but we can change who we are or how we react to things. I hope in the future, even if those negative things come back into your head, you can greet it peacefully and let it pass you by without needing to react to it or let it bring you down. But yeah, again we are all imperfect too. Sometimes it is completely healthy to not do anything at all for a day or two, especially if life has been stressful lately. The main important thing is to bounce back though.

  24. Do not feel bad about yourself over Instagram reels, or Tik Tok, or any social media. THEY are the phoniest people that I have ever seen online. Total commercialism to say the least. Their lives are not as interesting or happy as they make their videos look like. Most of them don't even have time for the love of a dog in their life, and I feel sorry for them that this is the only way they can make a living. BE YOU, NOT THEM!

  25. I’ve recently switched Instagram for tiktok and let me tell you – it’s different. It’s so much less “perfect”. I think you’d do so well on it!

  26. i find that sometimes you have to just sit on the couch and be mopey when you feel really bad after a good streak. trying to feel good all the time isn’t healthy or sustainable. and you release stress hormones from crying and ultimately feel better after. trying to suppress your feelings is just not it

  27. Aww Zoe ❤, so about that "health coach"…. the "coaching" industry is SO FULL of scams 🙄🤦‍♀(CBC recently did a great Marketplace episode about exactly this, if you're interested). I'm sorry you had that crappy experience, but I think it's admirable and important that you're talking about it – it might even save some of your viewers from going through the same thing. If you're willing to do it, I would be super interested in hearing more details about what happened (like in a dedicated video). I don't comment often, but wanted to offer you my support here🥰

  28. Hi Zoe! Loved the chat. During this specific video, I realized how good you are at storytelling. From ski trips to updating us on your health journey, you’re able to let us in. Maybe in the future you could do a story time video of a core memory from your childhood or teenage years that really impacted who you are now. I think that would be interesting. 🙂

  29. I love you for bringing attention that girl" trend which is so unhealthy. I was SOO anti "that girl" this week. It's the week before I'm supposed to get my stupid ass period so I'm experiencing my usual uncontrollable anxiety and depression. Anything could set me off and make me cry. I get in a faul mood, feel hopeless and I binge eat like crazy. The day after my period though I know everything will be fine again 😊😊it's the weirdest thing. I think it must be something chemical that happens in my brain that I can't see or control. There's no need to hide negative experiences, sometimes its just biology and it's ok (even though its hard). We are all human and we are all imperfect. We all have ups and downs. Make mistakes and learn. It's what it is to be alive. That's why I love watching you for showing so much of what makes you human and relatable.

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