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LUNA CRASH Will DESTROY Monero And USDT / Federal Reserve Cryptocurrency

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Terra Luna Crash Gets the FED Involved with the Cryptocurrency takeover UST And USDT stable coins will be parked at the federal reserve. How the future of cryptocurrency is changing for people who are building the future in crypto. Terra Luna ruined the stable coin and not The Luna Foundations is trying to hide from the Ponzi. Moving forward with Stable coins and Monero will be a risky move.


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  1. lol i literally smashed the subscribe button when you psyched out at the end. laptop down

  2. 221 is the best among the rest 👆🏼his work sound good an parcfect

  3. Dude that may have a 20 minute video but it was an hours worth….Glad I found you I’ve already subbed

  4. Hey COdy , still waiting on that dark web series and the stealth and black sim cards

  5. You are the best among the rest 👆🏼your work sound good an parcfect.

  6. A+ Cody. I asked for this video over the weekend, he said it would hit "tomorrow" and it didn't. BUT I'm not mad because I know Cody does his due diligence and research, doesn't just give knee jerk reactions for clicks, provides actual relevant information. Thanks Cody. Can't wait for the NEXT V~I~D~E~O!~!~!~!

  7. Lika a boss you are worth more than a trillion,

    Your advise,
    Your patience
    Your experience
    Your humor

    All of this are highly appreciated

    Please make a video about the Helium HNT coin project many people invested in this project with the best parts and antennas and after the hip58 update on may 11 2022 the owners of this coins have fucked up the network the coins is nearby crashing.

  8. hey, you're saying we should buy crypto only thorugh a corporation. Does this mean we should only consider countries to incorporate where owner's info is not in the public registry? for example, Estonia companies have their owners listed publicly – this is no go?

  9. nice one , you're much better when you not being manic + shouting >MUCH better. That shit shuts ears off. cheers

  10. Love your videos and THIS certainly hammered it all in. Thank You for this information. Time to Ghost!

  11. Problem, reaction, solution.
    Governments have mastered this way of control.

  12. Sounds like an inside job by the government as they hate competition .

  13. Isn't it just a matter of time before ((they)) go after the offshore bank accounts and business entities?

  14. they will be able to see that somebody has bought xmr on an exchange, but if the user then send the xmr to a monero address, that's the end of the trail…

    but decentralized exchanges are necessary indeed.

  15. Have u heard of dexes and no kyc it’s p2p how can they seize defi doesn’t make sense normally agree with u but that doesn’t make sense ?

  16. Did you deiced to either hold off and do more research or not do a video altogether on pulse chain like you said you would? Cheers and thanks again for the constant great content.

  17. I never miss your videos. So much important information. I think this channel is priceless to the crypto community. Keep them coming!


  18. humanity is really tragic, sin is truly the bane of humanity in this case greed.

  19. just wanted to swing by and say "hi" and congratulations on hitting the 100k! WTF!!!!! YouTube can suck my balz

  20. No matter how despicable this world gets it will
    Onl tighten its shackles till we find salvation through gods glory

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