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Lyn Alden and Gareth Soloway | Bitcoin Heading to $20,000 | Gareth Soloway Bitcoin Price Prediction|

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Lyn Alden and Gareth Soloway | Bitcoin Heading to $20,000 | Gareth Soloway Bitcoin Price Prediction |
#lynaldenandgarethsoloway #garethsolowaybitcoin #bitcoinpriceprediction

Lyn Alden and Gareth Soloway Interview says (bitcoin heading to $20,000).
“The deleveraging of the overall system will take bitcoin much lower,” says Gareth Soloway, president
and CFO of The inner-workings of weakness are being shown across the board for
cryptocurrencies, Soloway says to our Daniela Cambone on this edition of Outlook 2022: The Tipping Point.
“Bitcoin should see its bottom within 12-14 months,” he says, and will go much lower than its current bitcoin
price over that time. Soloway shares evidence as to where rising coins like Cardano and Solana will land in
the near-term amid a bitcoin price prediction he is calling, “a crypto winter,” which will wipe out most
smaller digital coinprojects. He touts the technical analysis of precious metals like silver saying, “silver
is seeing bullish consolidation pattern,” but cites iffiness on the industrial side. “Equity markets will
see a 20% drop this year,” Soloway concludes, where gold will converge with a falling S&P 500.

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Bitcoin Heading to $20,000
Gareth Soloway Bitcoin Price Prediction
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#lynaldenandgarethsoloway #garethsolowaybitcoin #bitcoinpriceprediction


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