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Magik Finance 2-3% Daily APR FTM – $1 Million TVL Had Severe Bottom But Now Ok – Tomb 2omb 3omb Fork

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Donate Matic, BNB, Fantom FTM, And Avax Avalanche to support this channel 0xe8ad23c458BF717F8F602d18Cf7DDDf55C5545d7 Thanks! (Farms) (Boardroom) Magik chart Mshares chart

I’m in:
Magik-Mshares LP on YW

So this project seems pretty solid and is at peg. It’s had a very rough ride in the past and is now doing well. I haven’t bothered to check much else so whatever caused the near zero prices are now fixed from what I can tell.

Right now it is in the perfect consolidation pattern at peg. I can’t ask for much more than that.

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The boardroom is printing a lot of Magik tokens at the time of this video so be aware of that.

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  1. PeelDefi just launched on Apeswap and BSC (first token pegged to banana). Genesis pools open- 0% deposit fees and renounced ownership. Jungle is over 100% APR a day!!!

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