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MAJOR NFT Market Update & TOP NFT Projects | Azuki Beanz BULLISH, Project PXN FOMO, Murakami NFTs

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Discover TOP NFTs of 2022 and MAJOR NFTs Market Updates (Azuki NFTs, Beanz NFTs, BAYC, Project PXN, Karafuru, Murakami NFTs)

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0:00 MAJOR NFT Market Update & God Tier NFTs | Azuki Beanz BULLISH, Project PXN FOMO, Murakami NFT
0:08 NFT Market Sentiment
1:43 Top NFTs Project #1: Azuki Beanz NFTs
7:09 Top NFT Project #2: Project PXN NFTs of Nanoverse
9:52 Best NFT Projects Analysis #1: Takashi Murakami NFTs
11:04 Final Thoughts

We’ll talk about the current NFT Market Sentiment of NFTs 2022. Next, we’ll look at Azuki NFTs, especially Azuki Beanz NFTs, to see if it’s the best NFTs to buy right now. Then, we’ll move on to Project PXN or Nanoverse Nanopass NFTs. After that, we’ll cover Top NFTs projects such as Murakami NFTs, karafuru NFTs, Azuki NFTs, Bored Ape NFTs to see if they are good for NFT flipping. Finally, I’ll share my thoughts on the best NFTs projects and NFTs drops to buy now.

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  1. Been waiting for this Dusa DAO so pumped!! These project founders never stop working 💎💎 fututre blue chip for sure!

  2. super dope video homie. Quality of the video was fire and so was the knowledge

  3. Bro thank you for the video, i have a collection in opensea but when i search for it it doesn't appear in the search results what is the problem ?

  4. NFT projects have also been hit hard by the market. However, I think that projects that establish their metaverses and that can produce a game still have a lot of potential in the long run.

    On the other hand, I am trying to collect NFTs of P2E projects. Blast Royale has been getting my attention lately. I'll try to get their NFTs that can be used in-game.

  5. Consider some news and unveilings around Azuki, not sure if this won't affect the project's performance in future and any other collection relating to it.

  6. Great content Patrick! Love it. I can tell PXN is a fine art so amazing how imaginative they are to make every single one of the NFT's unique! I also saw a tweet about rooms nft I forgot the name of the project but I guarantee you that those rooms was epic! Hope you could feature it in your videos coz I'm craving for it! Hehe

  7. Don't miss out on the biggest opportunities – stay ahead of the pack with TOP NFTs of 2022

  8. Hey I heard azuki was a rug can u double check that for us/ keep us updated

  9. Keep up the good work patrick! Also, Ive been making nfts for a wile and i have a collection called the PixelatedSavages.
    I hope it will sell well in the futuer.

  10. I have an appointment tomorrow by some group of millionaires who wants to invest into NFTs and I must admit that your content has actually increased my chances of success… You deserve an award for your great Content my friend

  11. Great content. The music kept making me think my stomach was gurgling, lmao a bit distracting

  12. Good stuff as always. Def excited to see where Murakami goes. Also looking at Pemberton Toads but haven't pulled the button yet

  13. Hey Patrick. I've been silently supporting you since 1 month ago (like my name implies lol). I really love your videos and insights about NFTs! Keep up the good work I'll continue to support you silently both in YouTube and your discord 🙂

  14. Man I just found this channel a few days ago and I’ve already binge watched like 15 videos haha. Absolutely love the content you’re putting out! Keep up the great work!

  15. Solid Content, Patrick! I must say that Takashi Murakami did a great job in launching his project. Hope you feature some underrated and on stealth mode NFT projects too.. anyway, just subscribed to your channel!

  16. Just curious, do you edit your own videos or do you have team members helping out?? Great stuff!!

  17. Thanks for this Patrick! Looking forward for a reviews of this upcoming NFT on my radar Lucky Block NFTs ,Silks and also some 3D room nft project out there. Cheers!

  18. Thanks for the updates on top projects in a tough NFT market and for your insight on partnerships between Web2 and Web3 outfits. Great stuff.

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