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MAJOR RIPPLE XRP UPDATE! BREAKING SEC Case News! SEC Hiding DOCS! Bombshells coming? #ripple #xrp

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#ripple #xrp #crypto
MAJOR RIPPLE XRP UPDATE! BREAKING SEC Case News! SEC Hiding DOCS! Bombshells coming? #ripple #xrp

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Benjamin Cowen: Market Cycle:

Bitcoin Market Cycle Lengthening Discussion”:

John Deaton: SEC vs Crypto:

John Deaton:

James Filan:

John Deaton On Fox Business:

Digital Asset Investor:

Jeremy Hogan Expert Legal Analysis:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Goes big on Bitcoin on Call with JP Morgan!

BREAKING XRP RIPPLE NEWS: RIPPLE’S LEGAL WIN! RIPPLE Client Lands Huge DEAL! Plus: Bitcoin To $500k? Big legal win for Ripple XRP!

El Salvador made HUGE Bitcoin News Today! Is the world stage now set for the an epic bull run and major price increase? XRP was one of the biggest growth crypto’s in 2017! Can it repeat? If So, how much will it be worth?

Jeremy Hogan Settlement Explanation:

Why people are not paying attention to the SEC vs Ripple Case, and why it could result in a major price jump!

John Deaton’s: Memorandum about Intervening.

MAJOR XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: MUST DROPPING BITCOIN; CHOOSING XRP? HUGE Bombshell for XRP! SEC Update! Is Tesla and Elon Musk preparing to Accept XRP in replace of Bitcoin?

Huge new partnership to use the ODL / XRP system for major South Asian cross boarder payments system!

SEC is losing credibility by the day. Will Gary Gensler call the whole thing off? Settlement? What some major price predictions are showing post-lawsuit! Plus more Ripple news as they ad a big name to their board of directors!

MAJOR XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: Most POWERFULL Woman In Crypto: Reviews RIPPLE / XRP Case! + Huge ETH Pump! High Stakes Ripple case against SEC puts 1 woman front and center! Trillion Dollar implications!


John Deaton Blog Outlining SEC Corruption:

XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: Ripple PUNCHES BACK At SEC! SEC DEFIES JUDGE MAJOR XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: After SEC Case: XRP $10 or XRP $10,000! Technical basis vs Conspiracy!

In XRP Case! Bitcoin Ready to BOOM! Wow, SEC refuses judges order! XRP Case getting stranger by the day! Plus the second half of this Bitcoin Bull Run…is the second half about ready to roll?

BREAKING XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: XRP Gets RELISTED (#RELISTXRP) & Garlinghouse Talks RIPPLE IPO! The XRP Army are putting pressure on exchanges to relist XRP. Especially since the SEC has in testimony said that only RIPPLE could be looking at charges, not others who sold XRP!

What Elon Musk & Tesla did with the SEC Case:

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Interview with Thinking Crypto:

BREAKING XRP RIPPLE UPDATE: BOMBSHELL Dropped today Flips The Script! XRP To $10, $20, $35,000!! New shift in SEC case against Ripple just happened! Plus, what does short term XRP price predictions look like?

BREAKING XRP RIPPLE NEWS: New CONFIRMED SEC HEAD Is PRO-CRYPTO? Speaks on XRP! Must Watch! Gary Gensler is slated as being Pro-Crypto! What does this mean for XRP! Gary speaks on the issue of XRP being a security or not! Must Watch! Go to: 4:48 to hear Greg Gensler specifically address the XRP Securities Issue!


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  1. The judge is very weak…under oath they said it was his opinion now they are saying it is guidance…so basically the SEC Lied under oath..why isn't the judge doing anything…

  2. i just can't wrap my head around the fact that this lawsuit still goes on….just can't…this lawsuit it's a joke…an absolute joke

  3. reading about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would be appreciated.

  4. I think the judge needs to put her foot down & say enough is enough to the SEC. No more farting around & delay tactics.

  5. Honestly believe the SEC's actions are going to make me fairly rich, fairly soon. Not just XRP portfolio but across the board. Many Thanks GG and cronies, inept lawyers and not to forget incompetent investigators. Old adage Investigate don't Instigate – 'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive' – Marmion 1808 (never gets old).

  6. The sec should have handed the documents over the first time the judge ordered them to.they have wasted a whole year of time and tax payers dollars. Everyone involved with the free pass should not be allowed to keep any kind of stock or crypto.or be able to work any part of finance again

  7. SEC is obviously on the losing end. The agency started wrong expecting the defendant to fold, as it did to other entities, but not Ripple, it put up a good fight.

  8. Either way anyone who gave a response or an opinion, had a say in how to approach the problem with least friction and the SEC dropped the only evidence right into the hands of the judge by saying it was just an opinion. NICE !!!!

  9. I'm not good doing it alone but getting into the market has been my best decision so far in my road to financial Independence as it turned out lucrative for me.

  10. My tax dollars are paying all these clowns wages at the SEC? That's it! I'm done, no more taxes from me! I quit!!

  11. Holding coins is a good way of keeping money but I think investing is the best way to make a profit and this can be achieved with the help of a good broker. believe me I learnt my lesson.

  12. Isn't that contempt of court or something, when they outright refuse a judge's order to provide the documentation?

  13. Yep. Judge still won't do shit about tho will she. Il be honest I been against her for a while now. Against most ppls opinion. Disgusted to say I think I'm right about her though. She is fucking useless at her job. Or just incompetent……. Which is way worse for a judge. She seems to lack that most basic of traits…….. common F-ING sense. Rah she makes me angry.

  14. For Fuuuuuuuuu…… Hard to hear this shit now. Wonder what bullshit "compromise" (air quotes) Netburn is gonna spin on this for the SEC. She is literally waiting for Congress to speak up even tho half have shown they are actively (as in today) getting paid by some greedy F-ING billionaires that are on par with Jay Clayton and Co as they are involved in the same shizness. That's not an exact fact but there is deffo something along those lines happening there. Where was I…… Oh yeah she is basically waiting on the SEC or basically Genslers say so on what the law should be. WTF is that noise ey. I mean just look at the deals the judge and the so called crypto mom Hester have done during this. It all fits in…. Not kind of but fits exactly with what the SEC needed/wanted to happen.

  15. I believe the worst case was the SEC dropping the case without settlement. No clarity for XRP and the SEC continuing to state that XRP is a security without any real recourse.

  16. wow! amazing to see others who trade with Mrs Gracias I'm currently on my 5th trade with her and my portfolio has grown tremendously

  17. He’s definitely the best. He keeps surprising me with results. We are planning on surprising him too. You must have heard about that.

  18. Hi Randy, I too believe that the SEC would not risk losing the case but in addition to their obvious option of having to settle on terms acceptable to Ripple prior to judgement, there is another possible move they might consider making, a very sinister and potentially more damaging move… they could withdraw the suit completely in order to maintain the total lack of clarity.
    In fact, this could have been their agenda right from the start. The SEC's main aim might in fact have been to cause as much harm and delay as possible to Ripple for about 18 months or so with some pretend law suit, in order to buy Ethereum some time, and then cunningly withdrawing before judgement, they could then rinse and repeat by suing Ripple again down the track in order to drag out this whole fiasco for another year or two.
    So, which of the above two options do I think is most likely… unfortunately, I think it's about 50/50.

  19. Because the SEC are trying to position themselves as the ONLY crypto regulator, they must set an example and lead by litigory actions. If they feel they have reached a untenable point of this case, it makes sense for them to opt out. This, as mentioned by Jeremy Hogan, leaves the door open for these clowns to regather ammunition and strength, to later come back and initiate another claim against Ripple.
    It certainly seems the SEC are almost at that point with little left in the tank.

  20. it’s quite a mix up in my head, I read about people grabbing multi-figures monthly as incomes in investments even in this crazy days in the market, any pointers on how to make substantial progress in earning? would appreciate

  21. one correction…. SEC wont settle, they will drop case and therefore pretend like this lawsuit never happened. Sure Ripple can ask for legal fees from the SEC, but that's a joke for us the investor.

  22. #ReListXRP
    Ignore the endless parade of comments designed to make it appear like a genuine conversation that invariably ends with a suggestion you contact a nice lady named Mrs Rosey Yardleyton or another made up name. Hey scammers, give up your worn out game and simply pay attention to the video.

  23. Hey guys, I set up a trust line on the XRP toolkit to claim my solo, have not received anything yet, any ideas?

  24. Stay calm, these consolidation periods are temporary. Those who hold the longest will profit the most!! keep up the great work! also Rose has been doing a great job reviewing all charts and techniques on BTC which has enhanced the growth of my portfolio’s

  25. Hello Mrs Lora is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategies

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