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MARK CUBAN Trashes Crypto Millionaires | BITCOIN Conference 2022 | GREY MARKET S2:E15

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This week on GREY MARKET it’s all about crypto, NFT’s and luxury watches!

We’re presenting at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami with cameos by @CRM Jewelers, @Nico Leonard, @Alec Monopoly, Mark Cuban and so many more!

Are luxury watches a better investment than crypto or NFT’s? That’s a good question! Listen to Mark Cuban trash crypto and crypto millionaires. Roman Sharf discusses luxury in the metaverse and tangible vs. intangible luxury goods.


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0:00 – North American Bitcoin Conference
3:00 – Mark Cuban
4:58 – @CRM Jewelers
17:20 – @Nico Leonard
28:22 – @mph club
35:28 – Alec Monopoly
42:11 – Roman Sharf talk Luxury & Crypto


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  1. Fugayzi, fugazi. It's a whazy. It's a woozie. It's fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It is no matter. It's not on the elemental chart. It's not real.

  2. And Cuban is totally full of shit. Listen to him and you’ll loose perspective and money. End of.

  3. What is not something thats not worth anything if no one is willing to pay for? GOLD is also one of them. Diamonds is also one of them… in fact everything is!!!!!! IF no one wants to wear a watch ever, they are worthless!!!! I think NFT is the real risk….. Take it with a pinch of salt. haha……

  4. Mark Cuban is a clown, he says people dont take time to research, well guess what, Mark would be broke today if his friend didnt tak him into buying ''puts''(shorts) on his Yahoo stock when he sold his Broadcast Co for Billions. Yahoo dropped 85% in price during Marks buy out deal. So guess mark didnt take time to do the research and is an imitator like he calls everyone else. Just cause he is rich means 0. He is a loser and whiner at heart and judges everyone.

  5. I can’t believe potential buyers are coming to the LB booth and literally saying “I know nothing about watches, but i have a lot of money to spend.” Imagine going to a used car lot and saying the same thing and the outcome. No difference, except you could easily spend more on a watch than a car. But i also don’t understand Alex’ comparison overarching comments between Rolex and AP. They make no sense.

  6. Hey dungeon Dragons…Who wants to buy my super fancy extravagant Invicta timepiece?? Only 8 thousand dollars!!

  7. One minute you’re anti GP, next minute you talking it up like it’s hot cakes. All clowns!

  8. Guys, I have a question about watches… Is it possible to tell if a watch is made of platinum just by the look of the metal?

  9. You want research, a LOT of typing done, grunt work, ANDDDD a fucking incredible espresso? Hire a college kid that's used to doing E – All of the Above… also known as, well, me. Payment will be coffee, my focus meds once a month, and the occasional chipotle bowl would be a great bonus. My only request is that I get somewhere that no one has to listen to the music through my headphones at max volume that can be heard an office away. I'm like the cookie cutter person for this job…

  10. Alec Monopoly is a fraud. He ripped off another artist Mike Mozart. Mike has been doing the cartoon capitalism paintings years before Alec. Alex should learn about him before fanboying him. KAWS has been around longer and has more credibility. Alec was a douche bag to Alex! Pure fraud the way he came up.

  11. Most pointless caption… "On the Phone: Nico" yea we could all hear that voice haha!

  12. The video game analogy finally made the idea of the meta verse click in my head … what a great way to look at it for someone like me who can wrap his head around how it will sustain itself longterm 🤙🏼

  13. Why did nico adopt an Irish accent and a fake Irish second name, when he's not Irish? Talk about cultural appropriation

  14. speaking in front of 5000 people ??? looked like more than 200 . but 5000 people sounds better

  15. It’s all coming to an end very soon, China about to fall on its knees followed by the rest, look forward to RM being stacked up high in pawn shops across the globe .

  16. With regards to A. Lange & Sonne, if the ampersand was centered then the text would be off. There are 6 characters to the left and 6 to the right. The space is centered. It's odd that a space is centered rather than a character, but it is centered none the less.

  17. Any one else been unsubscribed as I’ve been wondering what’s being going on and see I had to re-subscribe? You Tube is turning to shit the way they are changing everything up and I hope
    Woke go broke applies,sad times people😔

  18. I felt so bad for Alex, not sure why Alex is so hyped he never seems to be that nice to anyone and most of his work is all extremely similar

  19. Alex is hilarious 36:30 “couple of jpegs” but dang Alec got no talent. I rather meet Alex than Alec Monop any day.

  20. do not subscribe to the channel they sent me a message that i won the watch and i never got any

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