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Market's Rally – Dead Cat or Double Bottom!

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  1. Hey doctor FUD, where’s the vídeo you made two days ago saying you found a report that said jobs had declined and it was gonna be a bad report today? Poor attempt to create FUD, you deleted the vídeo as your research was 100% wrong and we’re hoping for the Market tk drop.

  2. Happy to see you in a better mood Kevin, I enjoy your analysis very much and think your a staple in my financial YouTubers. Thank you sir🙏

  3. I hope you are right Kevin and that we get great discount March to September, I’m collecting cache as much as I can squeezing from all corners to buy call options. Please note I’m not following Kevin’s strategy buy it happens that we have the same strategy…

  4. Listen to Jeremy Grantham, Peter Schiff. There’s much more to this. How about yields going up?

  5. I think the Fed would pick destroying the dollar over a possible recession. They money printed their way out of the 2020, "recession." We are $30,000,000,000,000 in debt now. They STILL haven't raised rates with high inflation. It's easier to pay off fixed-rate debt with an increasingly worthless dollar.

  6. Watch the leaders Kevin, If AAPL, MSFT GOOG and AMZN continue higher it will drag the indices up and create euphoria to the upside.

  7. Do this guy ever talks about market will recover or go up ? After he sold off his portfolio ! Never ! He is manipulating, speeding FUD! So he can buy again cheap …..CON

  8. Uhm Kevin buddy.. fame, being adored, being correct on your stock picks/decisions, making money in youtube, having millions of subscribers, etc. this is just one side of the coin, you got to be dreaming if you only want the good side of it. welcome to the other side Kevin! this is where you get ridiculed, be wrong on your choices, having less subscribers, people hating you, i mean embrace it Kevin. don't be naive where all you want is the good side of a 2 sided coin and never thought that the bad side will come eventually.. just like stocks! Welcome to the real word young one.

  9. Kevin should audition for Harvey Dent in Batman. Cos he's a Two Faced shill aiming to be a politician.

  10. are people trying to make money or are they trying to prove how much they believe in something even when it's causing them to lose money? lol

  11. Guess the sky finally did fall.. So make sure to buy so he and lighten his bag.👍

  12. This isn’t a presidential election year 2024 is. We just had a violent one I need a break. Term limits will fix political issues and abolish 2 party system. Every 4 years we have the choice of only 2 lesser evils it’s garbage man. That’s not democratic nor is it freedom of choice. Wake up people!

  13. I am actually tired of worrying about stocks's driving me nuts these days, I think cryptocurrency investment is far better than stock.

  14. @08:08 Quote: "I'm transferring a million dollars over to Webull and i'm gonna be playing on Webull with a million dollars and so we'll do some uh some day trading it'll be fun"

    Kevin, "Playing around" with $1 million is not something 99.99% of your audience can relate to or be able to do.

  15. Dude, the fucking facts didn't change. No change in facts. Just your analysis changed because the price changed. Seems like you don't even understand why people are pissed.

  16. Dead cat or double bottom?…is a binding statement, there are many other scenarios that could play out that are worth considering.

  17. Its mr buy high and sell low. Panic selling B, please tell us again how screwed us long term investors are

  18. I'm thinking the chances of a bigger crash outweighs the chances of a small profit and the idea of sitting on cash isnt such a bad idea even if it means losing to inflation.
    Risk management is my main concern with my portfolio seeing as I have not got lots of years to recover from a big loss .
    Looking at the sp500 it has a long way to fall.

  19. I made sure that I have trailing stops on everything that I have left in the market.

  20. Paperhanded panic seller. Trying to get you all to do the same….we should be buying right now, not selling NFA

  21. Even the worst case scenario happens mid caps and small caps priced most of it in and there is limited downside large caps could move down tho

  22. Didn’t he say a week or two ago that there’s 0 good news leading up to March for the market? Meanwhile this rally has been crazy

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