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MASSIVE NFT DRAMA & NFTs Market Update | Azuki COME BACK, Project PXN DRAMA, Kaiju Kingz NFTs MINT

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Discover MAJOR NFTs News and Top NFT Project Updates with Project PXN NFTs, Azuki NFTs and Beanz NFTs, and Kaiju Kingz NFTs Mint.

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0:00 Azuki MASSIVE Come Back & NFTs Market Update | Project PXN DRAMA, Kaiju Kingz MINT, New NFT Projects
0:17 NFT Market Update
4:23 Top NFTs Project News #1: Project PXN NFTs Art Reveal Problem
10:18 Top NFT Projects News #2: Azuki NFTs & Beanz NFTs are BACK?
14:19 Top NFT Project News #3: Kaiju Kingz NFTs Mint Details and P2E NFT Game

First, we’ll talk about the NFT market update and NFTs news about NFT flipping and NFT projects. Then, we’ll cover the NFT news about Project PXN NFTs on Opensea and Nanopass Nanoverse NFT news to see if Ghost Division NFTs is the best NFTs to buy now. After that, we’ll discuss Azuk NFTs and Beanz NFTs come back. Finally, we’ll cover Kaiju Kingz NFTs mint and Kaiju Kingz P2E game.

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  1. No idea what’s going to happen with the Kaiju Kingz Scientists, but will say that the minting process has by far been the most enjoyable I’ve taken part in 👏🏽

  2. nft p2e is evolving, Dragon evolution is doing a good one for a p2e, really cool project

  3. Hate is put on full display when people are jealous and envious so they go with the crowd and FUD hard not even trying to understand a difference in perspective. Shows that this space is still too new and way too small

  4. Putting the controversies themselves aside, it is good to see that blue chip NFTs are showing promise in surviving some scrapes. It suggests staying power for the entire space. Thanks for reporting on it. 🎯

  5. The most important thing i believe you forgot, it's not just a strong community, the team is amazing and extremely competent. The events they hosted, the way they do the project marketing, the industry professionals they are bringing to their team, etc. Besides the fact the fud was extremely beyond any reasonable standards.

    So, i believe the market more than believe in the project, and its consolidated.

  6. I like that your creating videos on daily bases, but rn they don't have much info

  7. amazing breakdown on the azuki situation, been waiting to hear your opinion on it, all i saw was fud n people getting mad on twitter n couldnt really figure out what happened

  8. agreed, i messed up and bought a rtfkt mnlth2 at 3.3eth ($2800 at the time) and then 2 days later the dip came in and now anywhere from 2.7-3.3 but eth is at 2k🥲
    lesson learned.

  9. NO! MONEY HAS NO MORAL! Has nothing to do with "community" but an emotional and financial investment. A shameful thing and if I were an AZUKI I wouldn't ever talk about the integrity of a community it's all bullshit.

  10. The community did a great job pushing Azuki to do the right thing.
    Still waiting for Zaga to step down but hey who cares at this point

  11. PxN 1/1 anime art is definitely not a parody. You don't have to be a lawyer to see that. That's why thy gonna change that.
    C'mon now.

  12. Thank you Patrick! NFTs are long time investments and therefore I am buying the dip 🙂

  13. Why do people thlnk it's cool to screenshot our NFTs. Buddy, we own these things. At the end of the day, it's on the blockchain. It's not funny and it's not cool to steal OUR art. Artists put their heart and soul into these, SO stop stealing their art and actually buy it instead.

  14. The biggest comeback is going to be me on twitter while using your pfp project 👀😻

  15. Cool video, Patrick! Followed the Ażuki drama closely!
    Great content and superb quality from the Parallax, thanks!

  16. pxn is getting FUDed by competitors I think… like no one has made any anime based art before :/

  17. Amazing video bro, brilliantly explained. Love the review on PXN, very well explained.

  18. Great video brother 👍🏻 i might mint the free scientist and then see if I want to put money in afterwards

  19. I love azuki project. Check ours if you have some time. It's in early dev. Cheers.

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