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MASSIVE NFTs Market Update & Top NFTs to Buy | Project PXN Mint Nanoverse, CloneX NFTs, NFTs Tools

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0:00 MASSIVE NFTs Market Update & Top NFTs to Buy | Project PXN Mint Nanoverse, CloneX NFTs, NFTs Tools
0:13 Top NFTs Project #1: Project PXN NFTs Mint – Nanoverse NFTs
8:44 NFT Market Sentiment, NFT Tools Meta
13:26 Top NFT Projects #2: CloneX NFTs & Community NFT Utility
15:20 NFTs Investing Strategy

First, we’ll look at the upcoming NFTs to buy Project PXN mint details and where it stands in the Nanopass Nanoverse NFT ecosystem. Next, we’ll dive into NFT market sentiment to see how NFT flipping is affected by crypto news and NFT news. Next, we’ll discuss the new NFT tools meta and which upcoming NFT drops to buy. Then, we’ll talk about RTFKT NFTs or CloneX NFTs. Finally, we’ll analyze NFTs investment projects and other NFTs projects news.

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  1. You should join the Clonex community, have fun in NYC! Let us know how your experience is, I can't go and great videos! 🙂

  2. Great video. Thanks for breaking down the PXN mint from several angles in a thoughtful and down to earth way.

  3. Thanks for this cool video, I’m looking forward to seeing more videos about NFTs.

  4. I normally feel a little dumber after YouTube videos, but not these. Thank you Patrick

  5. Perfect content. By the moment i'm looking forward the Los Muertos really really great community and great art.

  6. love your videos – but I always have to check I don't have playback on 1.5x speed LOL.

  7. Awesome insights Patrick! Will take a calculated decision now ❤️

  8. ACYC and Nate Rivers. The thing is you hyped this project up a few months ago. Have your views since changed on ACYC?

  9. The market right now is scary man, its dying out, too many cashgrabs right now market isnt going to last

  10. You are so well spoken, loved the part about narrative and attention. Great video as always.

  11. Thanks very clear and transparent as always. looking forward to your project. much love. i hope u didn mind i m comment about your hair in discord 🙂 😜

  12. Love from Canada bro, can’t wait for your Project, I’d grind for WL but my discord got randomly disabled out of no where I’m still trying to get it back smh 😡

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