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Metahero And Everdome Roadmap Update

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this channel is a Crypto obsessed filmmaker on the journey to scour the internet for information about De fi, metaverse, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

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Entertainment and Informational Purposes Only. I am not liable for any losses or gains incurred from following these steps. Please proceed with caution and check every transaction and notification metamask gives you. I can only give you my research and opinion.

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Please practice risk management and Due Diligence when trading in the market for example only risking as much as you are willing to lose. This mitigates decisions based on emotions vs logic.

Never trade based on emotions

Emotions and feelings on a project drives price action. We need to be aware of this and take steps to predict how the market will trend vs trending with the market. As much as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) will happen. When the price of a crypto skyrockets. It becomes more and more unstable and riskier to transact. I will do my best to present all the information in a logical format. But no one can predict trends and projects 100% of the time. There is simply way to many variables to consider.

Thanks for joining me on this exciting project known as Brandon Chung Crypto

Cheers. Brandon.


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  1. Waiting for you to do a review of Everdome's most recent video! It's absolutely incredible.

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