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Metahero + FAME MMA (Game Collaboration Concept)

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From the beginning, we’ve continuously reiterated that Metahero is a technology project with the most advanced photogrammetric scanner in the world, requiring time to be built and delivered. Now, we are happy to reveal the first scanning chamber is active in Warsaw, and as the first fruits of our cooperation with our partner FAME MMA, can share a sample from the gaming collaboration that we have been secretly working on.

Together, both Metahero & FAME bring a dynamic to the table that has all the workings for delivering exciting immersive game play.

With both quality and motion being delivered at the highest level, we are very excited about the output of the metascanner, especially in a simulated fighting experience. In this video you can see just a glimpse of the true potential of our metascanning capabilities.

Currently we are building additional metascanners, and discussions are ongoing with other projects within the gaming sector, to establish new partnerships to showcase the power of our tech.

As the NFT marketplace nears, new milestones of development and in-game utility continue to show growth in new areas.

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You can be sure that all of the NFTs from our collaborations will be tradable on our marketplace ONLY via the $HERO token. The services we can provide to game developers will be payable with our token, as well as further token utility to be implemented into these games.

We are the gateway into the metaverse.✊



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  1. Fajnie by było jak by dało się robić nie standardowe walki bo to jest jedna z rzeczy która brakuje w tego typu grach a jeśli gra opiera się na federacji freak fightowej to czemu by tego nie wprowadzić

  2. Tylko jeśli wyjdzie gra na zasadzie fame mma to chce żeby można było wybierać karierę zawodnika … No Daniela magicala

  3. będzie Minimajk? Tak apropos- bardzo dobrze to wygląda (modele postaci) . UFC- Uważajcie!

  4. Czekam strasznie na ta grę mam nadzieje ze to będzie coś w stylu ufc 3 i będzie na konsolkę i PC tak czy siak pomysł zajebisty

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