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Monero How To Buy ANYTHING Untraceable With CRYPTO / GHOST MODE

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Monero can buy anything on the internet without a trace. Monero is a privacy coin that can not be tracked b y anyone. Ring signatures have not been cracked on Monero by any agency or world government. How to use Monero to buy products online without a trace. The best Crypto for privacy. Coincards and anonymous travels using crypto.


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***All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes ONLY, before starting a business of ANY kind or investing, taking any action you need to seek your own business, legal advice. Privacy X Project, Cody Hawk and his affiliates are in no way responsible for actions you take or money you spend. Some Links above are affiliate links.


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  1. Anarchy means no masters but does not mean chaos = no rules… Big difference

  2. fuck fed coin. however, the fed has an open comment period open for fed coin. i suggested they create a DAO backed by bitcoin and put rfid chips in physical money. while standing down on the free market development in the crypto sphere. they would sacrifice some enforcement power for ensuring greater autonomy and privacy protection for citizens while still retaining control over their sphere of influence. I think it is a reasonable compromise and cracking down on the innovation in the crypto sphere while it is still coming into its own is a lose lose for everyone. They stand to make a lot of money and retain their influence if they can unclench and realize the potential gains from respecting people's freedom and honoring their fiduciary responsibility to adopt a more efficient and accountable protocol. perhaps it is a waste of time but is it because if we don't speak up they will only have haters and snakes whispering in their ears.

  3. How can I learn more about this in Australia! Really keen to learn all I can. I’ve found it hard to do this in Australia

  4. I'll be honest. This seems a lot more like a general rant rather than a "how to." I didn't learn anything at all about using Monero to buy anything without a trace.

  5. Whats your thoughts on Paxos? Standard and Gold. I think it's unique to most stable coins

  6. How does Monero stack up against Bidens new signed presidential order for digital assets. From what I see none of the cryptos meet the presidential requirements except a none crypto but is digital with three types of currency called DVSC. So I would say unless you have DVSC you can't work with the USA. Thoughts?

  7. IRS will be calling you soon my friend! Probably buying stuff with your capital gains on Defi.

  8. Hey bro, did you see that the chairman of Black Rock wants to merge all digital currencies into one world currency, it was reported in Jacobin

  9. cant access courses on your site, also when i try to pass the part that says its open to beta members, i cant pass it

  10. Any part of the internet (web 2 or 3) is held up by a server hosted by someone/some entity. Web 3 isn’t any less likely to get taken down if the host or users of the site engage in anything illegal. Web 2 sites go down all the time and have mirror sites.

  11. what the heck is an about face? I searched for it and couldn't find anything

  12. The “centralization” of USA banks needs to be dismantled as the fiat monopoly of this country. Allow the people to decide their currency/money and not the “banks”!

  13. We gotta stop paying taxes so these governments don't have the resources to create these dystopian realities.

    Otherwise "if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror"

  14. The DVPN my friend uses from Deeper Connect from what I've seen is pretty secure and the DPR coin he mines is not only plentiful, but it's value is increasing.

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