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Monero is Replacing Bitcoin on Darkweb – Here's Why

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Monero is a privacy coin that is rapidly replacing Bitcoin on dark web marketplaces. This is because Monero is built on three core values: security, total privacy, and decentralization, enabling its users to become invisible on the Internet. With its unique features of stealth addresses and ring signatures, you can conduct any financial activity on the web without being noticed.

Due to this reason, Monero is increasingly becoming the only coin accepted on various dark web marketplaces like White House Market, Alphabay and Oasis. The coin jumped 27x in 2016 and currently sits at $175, with no signs of slowing down. Due to its popularity on dark web marketplaces, regulatory authorities like Europol and IRS have been cracking down on Monero’s use.


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  1. Ok. Arrest that "board of code deciders" and let's see if the coin keeps going.

  2. Privacy is a human right, don't let any governments deceive you into their surveillance schemes.

  3. I've noticed I can't comment with Monero's name plus its ticker together or else the reply gets deleted in less than a minute hence my avatar picture. Goes to show that Google who's in bed with certain secret clubs who have founders that are in the banking industry aren't too keen about Monero.

    Anyways, a well done video. I'm definitely sharing this one!

  4. As your comments get delted …………… thats me, Pricacy coind and youtbe lies dont mix, next chapter

  5. Privacy is for everyone, not just criminals. Importantly, privacy provides fungibility, which bitcoin does not have.

  6. Pirate Chain Out Preforms Monero 100perecent. Go check it out I’m a whale myself, hold about 30,000 coins.

  7. Pack your bags boys. Xmr and ARRR are the best. Pirate Chain is better tech, but new community.
    Freedom for all 😎❤🌎

  8. Whoa, I'm your 15th subber! Hooray! 🎉🥳
    Wishing ya success on the channel, mate!
    Great content, do keep it up! #XMR 🧡🔥

  9. AEC? Bro I've never heard that term used, despite being a Monero holder for years.

    I'm very bullish on Monero, people need privacy & the governments response is similar to that of regular encryption in the 90's. Overtime like the transition from HTTP to HTTPS people will realize that privacy & enhances security will be necessary for the internet.

    Also it still has a small market cap so I see huge growth potential.

  10. Glad I found you early, just subbed cause your gonna be huge.

    Also yes Monero is the best!

  11. Haveno will be released the 4Q of this year. Can’t wait to see all those Bitcoin whales converting there funds to monero on it.

  12. dont know how I even found you ! Gosh you have some talent as a youtuber. The second video is much more polished than the first one. keep up that work, no doubt you'll quickly capture some audience. Anyway just wanted to point out that very good job

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