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Monero is one of the best privacy coins in the Crypto space. Cryptocurrency has been under attack from regulators who want to centralize crypto and take over privacy coins. Monero being one of the top privacy coins since Bitcoin was exposed for NOT being a privacy based crypto. Whats the best Monero wallet based on the new law in congress. Monero or Bitcoin, the best privacy coin.


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  1. Very interested in your app/network penetration testing service. Do you have a URL where we can get in touch to discuss costs to test a new platform we are going to launch in about 6 weeks?

  2. You reference a change in the law regarding crypto wallets, but don't in fact provide any link to the law and only offer a vague description of the law.

  3. not just monero. There is also the #CRP of ecosystem utopia. This is the perfect anonymous coin with its own exchange system!

  4. You know your society is doomed when they write laws to protect themselves from you. Ayn Rand

  5. So digging this channel. Banger after banger. I love how you name each intro with the dramatic super on the nose intro title. OOPPPERRATTIONN…..REALLY enjoyed the video!!!!! ⚡ 🌩 ⛈ noises

  6. The way they will and already are stopping Monero is by forcing exchanges not to allow transactions.
    Exchanges that do not fall under any government legislation banning Monero or other privacy will not be allowed to send/receive any digital currency if the exchanges that have banned Monero accept deposits.
    They will also stop banks from dealing with exchanges that are known to support privacy coins.

    You can't on one hand have a free and decentralized digital economy and on the other hand expect to remain totally anonymous, it's regulated or it isn't, at the moment it's both but eventually all privacy coins will be banned due to money laundering abilities.

  7. By 12/31/23 owning Monero and Privacy Coins at all will be illegal most likely. Bullish.

  8. Honestly I’ve ever seen perfect broker like crypto dony was able to save a lot of stress after they loaded 3btc into my blockchain wallets,,,,

  9. Honestly I’ve ever seen perfect broker like crypto dony was able to save a lot of stress after they loaded 3btc into my blockchain wallets,,,,

  10. Speaking of big fish have u heard of the pirate chain fork coming out of siliCON Valley?

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