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Monero: XMR Potential in 2022?! This You NEED To Know!!

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0:00 Intro
1:27 Monero Overview
5:24 Updates 1
9:23 Updates 2
11:54 XMR Price Action
15:23 Roadmap
20:17 Conclusion


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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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  1. personally have all my savings of about 15k usd in monero, best investment imaginable so far

  2. One thing I noticed that is not totally true , darkweb adopted monero and banned bitcoin , let that sink in. The darkweb is the whole reason why bitcoin got popular in the first place

  3. Transaction is also fast and cheaper. I think it is better than Bitcoin. But yeah Bitcoin is first. I hope it is like Playstation. Killing competition with those first consoles.

  4. GUY you own XMR dont you. It will go to zero when the govts deem it funny money and ban all exchanges from touching it or any unregulated exchanges from doing trades with Regulated exchanges so its a huge risk.

    Coinbase is the only exchange we can use with Fiat already the death blow could come anytime now and Coinbase be banned from anything binance no trades at all with unregulated that could happen anytime. Thats why i sold out of all bep20.

  5. XMR still being the unrivaled number one I think it also attracts most of the mud flying from regulators at the moment. I personally like FIRO (former ZCOIN) as it also features 51% attack proofs by the parallel mining + nodes structure. The nodes also make the coin more attractive in the long run for staking and therefore I think it´s a perfect PoW/PoS alternative until we eventually will see a brand new privacy coin based on PoS or PoS&T on chains/projects like Hedera or Chia. Besides privacy, the future will most likely bring more efficient coins that don´t use PoW anymore and also don´t fully rely on PoS. Until then – Monero is surely a great number one in present times!

  6. No one will admit it>
    #monero is not an ALTCOIN!
    just my opinion. And I see the price of $XMR at $10k in 4 years

  7. Monero is definitely improving, sadly the protocol cannot scale and still has an anonymity set << 100. Adding more decoy transactions is good, but not ideal for scalability. Last gen ZK proof (many interesting algos here) is the way to go, especially if you can have pools with an anon set >1 M.
    Currently Monero it's, like most of the current cryptos, a very useful experiment.

  8. Good stuff Guy, many aren't aware of don't care about Monero, when it keeps getting more and more bullish. Privacy scares people bc of regulations, but it's not going anywhere. Now just need to get XMR in your portfolio ser

  9. "if you had nothing to hide, why worry ?" …this will work until there is an individual who have grudge or simply jealousy with power over surveillance work against you… 🤭

  10. 1,xmr 增发风险。2,更新代码带bug风险。3,未来有被破解风险。

  11. Do not forget, 8 years ago before chainalysis and others firms, Bitcoin was treated as an enemy for its anonymity. This is no different from Monero today.

  12. Thanks for this video, the risk of having the regulators cramping down in Monero is huge and that is why it is capital for privacy coins to develop ways to exchange like user friendly atomic swaps and Thor chain solutions. I also like Pirate Chain and Dero, they have a great future as well.
    I strongly believe that freedom fighters will always find ways to exchange these coins and that the more the regulators tighten the harder we shall strive for freedom.

  13. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important And with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  14. it is an open secret that monero's implementation is a magnificent turdgarden but so much money is involved that everyone in the know is silent on it as to not be on the xmr community's very viscous bad side. the technical debt they have ignored for the last 7 years isn't getting any smaller. something's got to give and when it does, you will be shocked to see how many people in that sphere will not be surprised by it.

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