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Quick Kadena News 24.08.2022. IDOs and NFTs, urgent news & more. Kadena Monster Punks is a free mint minting in 2 days! Forgot to mention that. Check their Twitter. Have fun!
By the way, I’m happy about feedback 😉

🔸Kadena Kacti Twitter giveaway | 5 OG spots + free mint:

🔸Kadena Kacti YouTube giveaway | 5 OG spots:
1. Copy this YouTube video link: Quick Kadena News: IDOs and NFTs, urgent news & more! + OG spot giveaways!
2. Make a Tweet about this QKN video using #QuickKadenaNews #KadenaKacti #Kadena
3. Comment your Twitter @ and what you’d like to have on your KactiLand.

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